Pablo Molina Guerrero

Pablo Molina Guerrero (Concón, Chile, 1989) is a Filmmaker, Film and Culture Columnist and Film Programmer, currently resides in Valparaíso, Chile. He studied Audiovisual Communication and studied History and Aesthetics of Cinema at the Escuela de Cine de Chile. He has taken courses and workshops given by artists, academics and filmmakers such as Patricio Guzmán, Andrés Di Tella, Iván Pinto, Victor Kossakovsky, Udo Jacobsen, Benjamín Ellenberger, CEIS 8 collective, among others.

He has made fictions, animations, documentaries, music videos and mainly experimental appropriation videos. His videos and films have been shown in festivals, art biennials and museums, such as FONLAD (PT), IVAHM (ES), ULTRAcinema (MX), FESANCOR (CL), Flux Factory (USA), Bienal de Artes Mediales (CL), Aichi Triennale (JP), Proceso de Error (CL), MAM (CL), Grand Illusion Cinema (USA) or in Mex-Parismental (FR). So far his work has been exhibited in Portugal, Greece, Brazil, Italy, Spain, Peru, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, USA, Bolivia, Serbia, France, Japan, Germany, New Zealand, Ecuador, Uruguay and of course, in Chile.

He has written chronicles, interviews, transcriptions, reviews and essays for different magazines or film and culture websites such as Cinechile, Sangría, La Fuga, RCB and El Agente Cine. Between 2014 and 2017 he was Editor and Columnist of the film magazine Valpovisual. He recently writes in RAM, Revista Archivo Manoseado, whose main objective is the discussion around the archives and the appropriation, of which he is Co-Editor since the second number.

​Since 2016 he becomes part of INVE, Plataforma Experimental de Artes, with whom he had already collaborated. He works as Curator and Programmer with Daniela Lillo of the International Festival of Experimental Video Proceso de Error (CNCA Fund 2015-2019), of the Residence Experimento INVE associated with the Festival and of the Experimental Video Lab Vórtice (CNCA Fund 2014-2016-2017), among other projects.

He was Screenwriter, Assistant Director and Co-Editor of the autobiographical documentary film “SALEIA, horizontes perdidos” (2015) by Roberto Mathews. He is one of the directors of the experimental collective film “The Spaces Between Cities” (2015), organized by the Seattle EXcinema group. Co-Director with Roberto Mathews of the short documentary “El Eterno Retorno” (CNCA Fund 2016), which was awarded as Best National Experimental Short Film at FESANCOR 2017. Assistant Director and Researcher of the eight-episode documentary series “La Oruga, los guionistas detrás de las películas chilenas” (CNCA Fund 2016) by Patricio Loutit.

FILMOGRAPHY (sellection)

2017 Carta a Nicole (4 min)

2016 El Eterno Retorno (28 min, co-directed with Roberto Mathews)

2015 Carta a Boris (8 min)

2014 Children's playground (9 min)

2012 Anál-isis callejero (9 min)



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