Kimi Meguro

Kimi Meguro studied in the Film Department of Tokyo Polytechnic University (Konica), Andalusia and worked at ESCAC (Cinema and Audiovisual School), Barcelona, Spain. After working as an actor in Spanish-speaking countries and Toronto, Canada, he directed short films and video art, which were shown at art festivals around the world, including the Athens Digital Arts, 19th GzDoc (the largest in China), Uzbek Film Production Lab (formerly with Class-A Moscow Film Festival and as Japan representative), Festival Angaelica (supported by Slamdance), a 22nd national youth competition related to Brazil's Oscar, etc. He recently completed a new short film, "Pueblo", co-produced with artists from 4 countries. Besides screenwriting and filming he has experience as a staff member in one of oldest contemporary art spaces in Japan, also is working on installation art using his video pieces.

From mid-20s, Kimi stayed in about 100 cities around the world and met friends from over 200 towns. At the age of 22, while he was still in college, the Great East Japan Earthquake struck his home prefecture Fukushima and the region. After that, he started acting career, learning various situations in different cultures and languages. His latest short film was shot in Central Asia and historical places mainly, but titled it "Pueblo" which means a small village and people. Director hopes it will become a universal art piece!



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