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Hey Guys,

I'm new here. I don't do a great job communicating in real life.... So i figured why not try internet forums. I'm looking to find a helping community globally. I'm working in Boston... and to me, the community is a little cold...

So here I am. Hope to get to know some of you and watch some great films.

I look forward to talking to you all and seeing your work, let's get in touch!

Here is a link to my work:

Also, I make a lot of facebook live let's connect on there too!


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I started creating a podcast last year... It was called Boston Film Society Podcast.

I might change the name and start creating episodes... maybe interacting with people on here and setting up phone interviews.

Let me know if anyone has a podcast already though...


Here is the link to my old one:

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Welcome, Alex!

Welcome, Alex!

There is a podcast from Scotland called 'Into the mothlight'

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Listened to an episode. It sounded good. Maybe there can be a podcast that can be more wide reaching to other geographies?

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If there is one, I haven't

If there is one, I haven't found it! Maybe you can do it :-)

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I have just created a

I have just created a category for podcasts in the directory section and added your old podcast to it.

I see you interviewed Saul! I'll defintely have a listen to it.

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Saul :)

Oh yeah,

Saul was my professor for a couple of years. He was great.

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