There is a confidential art that is timeless, which moves around on the fringes, unperturbed by the one-way traffic of the commercial circuits. The aim of Xcentric is to promote greater awareness of this cinema and the videographic projects that use commitment and a will to experiment to challenge images and define the medium. It sets out to recover these secret or forgotten works by means of the public's personal experience.

The contents are organized by genre and theme, but all have in common the fact that they are works of personal creation with a strong commitment on the part of their creators, as regards both content and formal solutions. These are creators who have a strong desire to challenge the medium, break with formal language and incorporate new aesthetic treatments to produce new ways of seeing that are the product of the inherent freedom of independent production.

The films that go to make up Xcentric's programme all share the fact that they are difficult to get to see, and scant or non-existent circulation on audiovisual distribution circuits. The difficulty in obtaining a copy for screening makes each session an act of exhibition, like works of art hanging in a museum.

The Xcentric programme is selected by a team of programmers, renowned specialists in documentary, experimental, animation and art-house cinema. In addition to its regular team, Xcentric also has invited programmers.



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