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Cutrone, Christopher
Cseri-Briones, Pia
Cruz, Alfonso

Alfonso Cruz is an interdisciplinary artist from Barcelona who works with film and video in experimental mode.

Cruaud, Pierre-Yves
Cossman, Steve

Steve Cossman is founder and director of Mono No Aware; a nonprofit cinema arts organization whose annual event exhibits the work of cont

Connolly, Stephen

Stephen Connolly is an artist filmmaker, making work to explore relationships between the subject and institutions through landscape and the notion of the ‘ensemble’ in moving image.

Connolly, Stephen

Stephen Connolly, artist filmmaker, UK based.

Connelly, Shayna

Shayna Connelly’s work explores liminality and the boundaries between documentary, experimental and fiction filmmaking.

Comerford, Thomas
Collmer, Kim
Colburn, Martha
Cockburn, Daniel
Clouin, Pierre Yves
Clouin, Pierre Yves

Pierre Yves Clouin has been working exclusively in film since 1995. He was born and is based in Paris.

Clipson, Paul
Cleeland, James
Chutiwongpeti, Sarawut
Christ, Joe
Chemana, Eliott

An experience of depersonalization

Chauhan, Siddharth
Chartier, Russell
Chang, Anita
Chadwick, Charles
Cecconello, Manuele - Prospettiva Nevskij
Caudill, Craig
Carolfi, Jerome
Capra, Klaus

Shanghai spring rain reason of 2015.

Candy Eye Factor, The
Camlica, Serdar