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Some recent items of interest

Welcome to Pine Point ( - Amongst the shortlisted entries for the 2011 New Media Writing Prize ( was this, a mixture of documentary and reminiscence about a mining town in Canada which simply closed down and vanished when the mine itself was shut down. Long on atmosphere and nostalgia, sense of history and sense of place, and reminiscent of both Garrison Keillor and Twin Peaks, it's beautifully written, beautifully assembled, unshowy and completely absorbing.

Occupy London - with Cartoons ( - This project was set up by the cartoonist Dave Miller as an online expression of solidarity with the anti-capitalist tented occupation at St Paul's Cathedral in the autumn of 2011. Dave explains: "At the Occupy London Stock Exchange site at St Pauls, London, there are many drawings and paintings sellotaped to the walls; the area has become a public Art gallery. Works full of slogans and messages, full of passion. While visiting the site, it occurred to me that many people want to express their views in this way, and contribute their own art work to share with Occupy London, to express their support and solidarity; but they can't physically be at St Pauls." He has therefore set up a project which allows you to select from a range of characters and backgrounds, then add your own text. It's rough-and-ready but well worth having a go, and it has attracted contributions from The Guardian's Martin Rowson, amongst many others.

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