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The Puzzle Box, Chapter 10

The Puzzle Box, Chapter Ten, by Edward Picot


Urizen is trapped by his own laws. He no longer truly believes in anything outside himself. His only way of relating to the outside world is either to fear it or to steal something from it. He has turned the infinite possibilities of the human heart into a little machine of self-interest. And because of that, his life is a life without hope.

In search of Dora's box, the children find their way right to the heart of Urizen's headquarters, and discover something entirely different from what they were expecting.

A wonderful story... This is one for reading aloud, or working with online. - Judy O'Connell, HeyJude (Learning in a Online World), .

The tenth chapter of twelve.
(If you don't see links to all ten chapters when you get to the Puzzle Box index-page, click CTRL + Refresh to update the page.)

- Edward Picot - The Hyperliterature Exchange - personal website

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