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Senses of Cinema issue 44: ‘experimental and different cinema’

The new issue of the online magazine [url=][i]Senses of cinema[/i][/url] focuses on experimental film!

[b]“Me, I Just Film My Life”: An Interview with Jonas Mekas[/b] by Brian L. Frye
[b]For the Life of Experimental Cinema: A Conversation with Raphaël Bassan[/b] by Viviane Vagh
[b]Identity of Cinema: Experimental and Different[/b] by Raphaël Bassan
[b]For the Love of Experimental Cinema: Interview with Christian Lebrat[/b] by Viviane Vagh
[b]“I Have Always Been Attracted to Painting”: Handwritten Notes Taken to Answer a Friend’s Questions[/b], Written in 1984 by Christian Lebrat
[b]Cinema of Pre-predication: On Stan Brakhage and the Phenomenology of Maurice Merleau-Ponty[/b] by Alex Cobb
[b]There’s other Stuff than Art? An Interview with Michael Betancourt[/b] by Rey Parla
[b]The American Friend: Tom Luddy on Jean-Luc Godard[/b] by Brad Stevens
[b]“Africa is a Revolutionary Country”: Sally Shafto’s Zanzibar: The Zanzibar Films and the Dandies of May 1968[/b] by Keith Reader
[b]Abigail Child’s This is Called Moving: A Critical Poetics of Film[/b] by Tina Wasserman
[b]The Lost Prophet of Cinema: The Film Theory of Antonin Artaud[/b] by Lee Jamieson
[b]“Surrealism” and the Omnipotence of Cinema[/b] by J. M. Magrini
[b]Life Sentence: Dreams of Captivity and Freedom in Jan Svankmajer’s Sileni[/b] by Sebastian Manley
[b]Hand of Hysteria: The Bipartite Body of the Brothers Quay[/b] by Amir Mogharabi
[b]Notes on the Death of Beauty, Art and Talent: A Correspondence with Ben Hackworth[/b] by Matthew Clayfield

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