"On Time" 目聶仔影展 ba̍k-nih-á film festival open call 2024

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「On Time」為本次徵件主題。這是即時、及時、有時,也是對時間的討論。實驗電影透過個人的創作再製各種私密的時間、社會的時間、虛擬的時間、回憶的時間、以及各種藉由影像,我們留住的時間,希望透過徵件,打開社群,探索某種更貼身的,屬於創作者的「時間」。

After ”Black, a film festival," Ba̍k-nih Audiovisual Lab will launch our second festival “Times Ex-tense” in Taipei, Taiwan, in May 2024. In this edition, We will host our first open call for submissions. We invite various short films under 25 minutes in length that self-identify as “experimental“.

The theme  is  "On Time," which encompasses immediacy, timeliness, intermittence, and a discussion about time. Experimental cinema, through individual creation, reproduces various personal, societal, virtual, and captured times, as well as the various times we preserved through filmmaking. We also hope to expand the community and explore a more intimate concept of "time",  made by and for the filmmakers.

We especially encourage submissions from emerging creators under the age of 30.

非關鍵字:時態、時差、 不合時宜、 殺時間、 遊戲時間、 水星逆行、 日記
non-keywords: tense, jet lag, outdated, killing time, play time, time after time, retrograde, diary…..

免報名費,報名請填表 free entry, submission link:

徵件期間 submission period :Feb. 9 ~ Mar. 15, 2024

*Not a competition nor an award, but we will provide standard screening fee. The selection result will be announced in April. We are looking forward to showing your work in the festival in May.
*關於上屆影展 about previous festival:
 - 節目 catalogue: https://reurl.cc/bDd9YM (ENG)-https://reurl.cc/dLpDyg
 - 預告 festival teaser https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vTN_Q4yeUk4


Friday, March 15, 2024 (All day)

Submission fees: 

Free submissions

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Friday, March 15, 2024 (All day)
To event remaining 12 days