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We’re excited to announce that the call for submissions for our next group show is now open! The show will take place in July 2023 in Los Angeles, and is currently under the working title “Untitled Sun Valley.” The show will feature primarily film and video works, and performance.

Artists are invited to submit proposals for artworks that relate to the prompt below.

Deadline: Monday, May 8, 2023 at 11:59PM PT

Submission Link:


* * * * *

We're looking for proposals - primarily of film/video and performance works, though all forms are welcome - that explore itinerance, permanence, or the residue of either. More specifically, we're searching for works that deal with the unseen... with shadows, echoes, and distortions of all kind, magnitude, and frequency.

Scattered ideas that are also in this matrix: forests, swamps, absence, hidden movement, private lectures, disorder, fog, fantasy, misdirection, alternate universes, voids, skin, carnival, spatial inequality, magic, inaccessibility, hunger, covert operations, and silence. There's more, no doubt.

We're also curious about the shape of noise.

Major plus if the works are unfinished or never-ending, by design.

Elements of critique are sought after. Heavy-handed critique is not sought after.

Artworks that advance positions, rather than restate them, are valuable.

There are explicitly no limits on genre, tone, ideology, length, style, politics, form, or function.

If your work even brushes up against any of these themes, please send it along and write a couple sentences about why you think it does.

* * * * *

Film and video works, and performances, will be given priority, though all artworks, by any and all artists, are invited for submission. Artwork/Project Statements should engage with the prompt. Collectives and collaborations are welcome. Artists can submit up to three works for consideration.

Decisions will be announced in mid-June.

Please email us at [email protected] with any questions.


Monday, May 8, 2023 (All day)

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Free submissions

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