Placing spaces, spacing places : Canadian experimental films & videos since 1990

Publication TypeCatalogue
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsCammaer G, Phillips P, Day D, Labreque M, Cockburn D, Josephson G, Toews I, Landon P, Yaroshevsky M, Sternberg B, Théberge J, Britski J, Hoffman P, Crochetière M, Avenel E, Giraudon M-F, Henricks N, Thorne K, Price J, Ramsay BNemerofsky, Cardinal S, Forrest N
Pagination35 pp
PublisherMount Saint Vincent University Art Gallery
Place PublishedHalifax
Publication LanguageEnglish
ISBN Number9781894518161
KeywordsCanadian Cinema


  • Shooting at home : sight seeing, open houses and "living" rooms. Floating house / Paulette Phillips
  • Autobiography / Dennis Day
  • C't aujourd'hui qu' / Manon Labreque
  • You are in the maze of twisty little passages, all different / Daniel Cockburn
  • Happy house : the id, the kid and the little red fireman. A clean sweep / Gunilla Josephson
  • Travelling shots : explorations in screen space. Japan : Kessei Line single take / Ian Toews
  • Las escaleras / Paul Landon
  • Petropolis / Michael Yaroshevsky
  • New york counterpoint / Barbara Sternberg
  • Traversée / Jean Théberge
  • Transfixed / Jason Britski
  • Chimera / Phillip Hoffman
  • Four corners / Ian Toews
  • Nocturne / Michael Crochetière
  • Trans(e) bleu / Emanuel Avenel and Marie-France Giraudon
  • Close-ups : moving images and intimate spaces. Window/Fenêtre / Nelson Henricks
  • You = architectural / Kika Thorne
  • The view never changes / John Price
  • Live to tell / Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay
  • The invention of a landscape / Serge Cardinal
  • Je changerais d'Avis / Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay
  • Static ; Shift ; Stravaig/Errance ; 00:00:15;00 ; Drift / Nikki Forrest
Citation Keyexpcin15979


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