Underground Film: A Critical History

Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1970
AuthorsTyler P
Number of Pages249 pp
PublisherGrove Press
CityNew York
Publication LanguageEnglish
Other Id.NumbersOCLC 50568
KeywordsExperimental film history

Parker Tyler (1904-1974), one of the few great American film critics, was intimate with and enormously respected by many of the underground and experimental filmmakers of his time. In this book, Tyler evaluated the Underground in general and the seminal films in particular, covering the history and scope of the genre with insight and verve. Like Tyler’s Screening of the Sexes: Homosexuality in the Movies is one of the masterpieces of cinema literature.

Reprint EditionDa Capo Press, 1995
Full Text


The Underground versus the taboo on reality --
The exploding peephole of the Underground --
Toward exhibition and exhibitionism --
Popularizing peepshows : the infantile gimmick --
No establishment at all? --
Underground climb : from exhibitionism to art --
Underground infantilism : surfacing superstars --
Superstar space : the playroom --
Can the technician escape the Pad? --
The Pad can be commercialized --
Performing children, performing madmen --
The paranoiac : critical kick --
The Pad's predecessor : an archetype --
Underground film is primitive film --
Where the rub is --
The abstractness of avant-gardes --
The avant-garde laboratory --
Dotting the eyes of distortion --
Psychedelic anamorphosis and its lesson --
Dotting the eye of history --
Film aesthetics : rampant and purist --
The plot thickens : but seriously --
The plastic pulse ticks on --
In the Pad : plastique versus surplot --
Hard-core history --
The ethics of film history --
The population explosion and the remedy --
Basic film forms --
History and manifesto --
The shape of things to come? --
Coda --


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