Experiment in the Film

Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1949
AuthorsBrunius JB, Jacobs L, Roshal G, Karmen R, Iros E, Richter H, Anstey E, Maddison J
Series EditorManvell R
Number of Pages312 pp
PublisherGrey Walls Press
Publication LanguageEnglish
Other Id.NumbersOCLC 99638
KeywordsAbel Gance, Alexandre Alexeieff, American Cinema, Austrian Cinema, Basil Wright, British Cinema, Carl Dreyer, Cavalcanti, Chester Kessler, David Lean, Ernoe Metzner, Fernand Léger, French Cinema, Germaine Dulac, German Cinema, Grahame Tharp, Hans Richter, Jacques Prévert, James Broughton, Jean Epstein, Jean Painlevé, Jean Renoir, Jean Vigo, Len Lye, Lewis Jacobs, Louis Delluc, Louis Feuillade, Luís Buñuel, Marcel L'herbier, Maya Deren, Melville Webber, Oskar Fischinger, Paul Rotha, Percy Smith, Pierre Prévert, Ralph Steiner, René Clair, Robert Florey, Russian Cinema, Sara Arledge, Scientific Cinema, Sidney Peterson, Slavko Vorkapich, Walther Ruttmann
Reprint EditionNew York, Arno Press, 1970
Full Text


  • Editor's Foreword
  • Experiment In The Film, Roger Manvell
  • Experimental Film In France, Jacques B. Brunius
  • Avant-Garde Production In America, Lewis Jacobs
  • Soviet Film, Grigori Roshal
  • Soviet Documentary, Roman Karmen
  • Expansion Of The German And Austrian Film, Ernst Iros
  • Avant-Garde Film In Germany, Hans Richter
  • Development Of Film Technique In Britain, Edgar Anstey
  • Experiment In The Scientific Film, John Maddison
  • Notes On Contributors


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