TIE: The Ross Edition

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TIE: The Ross Edition

September 24-25, 2009
Mary Riepma Ross Media Arts Center
Lincoln, Nebraska

In contrast to their predecessors like Maya Deren, Kenneth Anger, Stan Brakhage, Peter Kubelka, and Andy Warhol, the younger generations of experimental cinema are perhaps defined by new cultural and geographical alliances. Innovative work with original celluloid-based film is undergoing a renaissance across the world. This revival manifests itself not only in the captivating works of new artists who have broken onto the scene, but also in film-cultural initiatives, in critical reception (particularly among young online writers) and in the art world, where film projections are again playing a paradoxical "avant-garde role" vis-à-vis the omnipresence of video installations.

Join us for the new edition of TIE, a presentation that illuminates the continuing vitality of experimental cinema with 35mm and 16mm films from Argentina, Germany, Finland, USA, Spain, Netherlands, and Austria . A special presentation of the 1965 classic avant garde film, Vinyl, by Andy Warhol, will conclude the program.

TIE curator, Christopher May, will be present to introduce the programs and answer questions.


- Una forma estúpida de decir adiós, Paulo Pecora (35mm, 5 min., Argentina, 2004)
- Freude (Delight), Thomas Draschan (35mm, 3min., Austria, 2009)
- Opening Night, Tim Leyendekker (35mm, 5 min., Netherlands, 2009)
- Trypps #5 (Dubai), Ben Russell (16mm, 3 min., USA/UAE, 2008)
- Polterabend, Friedl vom Gröller (16mm, 3 min., Austria, 2009)
- Color by Technicolor, Noah Stout (35mm, 1 min., USA, 2008)
- Käfig (Cage), Karl Kels (35mm, 14 min., Germany, 2009)
- Exactly, Sami Van Ingen (35mm, 8 min., Finland, 2008)
- Film Quartet / Polyframe, Antoni Pinent (35mm, 9 min., Spain, 2008)
- #37, Joost Rekveld (35mm, 31 min., Netherlands, 2009)
- Trypps #6 (Malobi), Ben Russell (16mm, 12 min., USA/Suriname, 2009)
- Burning Palace, Mara Mattuschka & Chris Haring (35mm, 32 min., Austria, 2009)

Q&A & Intermission

- Vinyl, Andy Warhol (16mm, 70min. USA, 1965)