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  • A.R.T. Press primarily publishes books based on artist to artist conversations. The conversation format permits a thorough and at the same time informal investigation of the artists’ practice and the larger social issues that inform it. By virtue of their clarity, personal focus, affordability, and innovative method of distribution, these books make possible the presentation of contemporary artists and their work to a wide readership.

  • Angular is an independent and self-financed spanish DVD publisher, dedicated to the dissemination of current international experimental film and artists' video. Each volume will include a printed booklet with analytical texts on the works selected and also critical essays, written by specialists and programmers. The first issue in the series will be released in the first quarter of 2014, and its distribution will be online through this website, at least at its early stage. Periodicity of the volumes will depend on the trajectory of the project.

    The objectives are clear: to support international experimental media and to give it the attention it deserves, especially unorthodox films devoted to aesthetic and formal issues, regardless of production formats. The programming content of Angular includes those pieces that challenge the conventional narrative forms and any kind of academicism. The labels we use, experimental film and artists' video, must be understood with flexibility. We all know that these definitions are open.

    Angular´s team consists of Albert Alcoz and Alberto Cabrera Bernal, both filmmakers, who will lead the collection with a small-scale infrastructure model but with the best judgment possible. Any collaboration will be appreciated, especially those from critics and independent programmers.

  • The Ann Arbor Film Festival is the longest-running independent and experimental film festival in North America, established in 1963. Internationally recognized as a premiere forum for independent filmmakers and artists, each year's festival engages audiences with remarkable cinematic experiences. The six-day festival presents 40 programs with more than 180 films from over 20 countries of all lengths and genres, including experimental, animation, documentary, fiction, and performance-based works.

  • Our goal is to publish artistic film and print works that have not yet been published. 

    We are particularly interested in drawing attention to both established and little known artists in dialogue with critical essays that propose cultural and historical factors that contextualize them.