Mex-Parismental 9

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For this ninth edition, in collaboration with the Collectif Jeune Cinema, Mex-Parismental, unveils a cinema of creative filmmakers of the young generation from Mexico and Latin America. This annual event is an unique opportunity to stay informed about the most contemporary experimental cinema and video from Mexico to the Southern Cone. Mex-Parismental will take place this year on Tuesday, April 29 at Point Ephemere to highlight this cinematographic production. The Artists, filmmakers and videographers represented in this edition, offer us a beautiful journey regardless of clichés and establish an intercultural encounter, far from the political and social dictates of their country of origin.
Curated by Angelica Cuevas Portilla

- Slow Food: maíz nuestro de cada día (Julia Barco, Mexico, 2008, 10’)
- Así (Sara Caprile, Mexico, 2013, 2’22’)
- BLOOD, SEA, FILM (Andrés Garcìa Franco, Mexico, 2011, 5’00’’)
- EL GUARACHES (Azucena Losana, Mexico –Argentine, 2012, 3’35’')
- Doméstica (Amaranta Sánchez, Mexico, 2010, 2’02’’)
- 'What a waste of time and energy when, could have been reading and writing really make something of myself instead of watching understandably movie trash' (Rafael Balboa, Mexico, 2014, 7’)
- Nostalgia (Antoine Neron-Bancel, Brasil-France, 2013, 4’39’’)
- Vermelha é a luz do freio (Cristiana Miranda, Brasil, 2013, 7')
- Visiòn ciega (Claudia Bertolino, Argentina, 2012, 12’32’’)
- Nàma (Fernanda Fongi, Argentina, 2013, 5’53’’)
- Demiurge (Federico Fortini, Argentina, 2013, 13’35)
- Desierto infinito y las ramas con espinas (Ignacio Laxalde-Julieta Anaut, Argentina, 2012, 04’50’’)
- Trance Triptico (Guillermo Zabaleta, Uruguay, 2013, 2’04’’)
- XXX (Maria José Alòs, Mexico, 2013, 4’05’’)



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