I Decided To Turn Left - A film performance by Simon Liu

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I Decided To Turn Left. (Thoughts & Streams from 2015/16)
Film by Simon Liu // Recorded sound by Warren Ng
16mm Film Printed & Processed at Negativland Motion Picture Lab: Brooklyn, NY

I want to go home. These images were meant to show us what goes where - but I can't make out the path. Maybe we should lay them all out on the floor and try to put the pieces back together. In another five days, I'll need to leave.

The performance will consist of two new 16mm multiple projection works alongside a collage of hand processed 16mm films from 2015 that will be presented in juxtaposition with one another. The films consist of diaristic imagery of the filmmaker's home, that have been shrouded by an assortment of chemical manipulations and printing processes.



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