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  • Visual Music Award 2017 Call for entries

    10 years of Visual Music Award - we are looking forward to your participation!

    Visual Music Award 2017 (works)
    The Visual Music Award (VMA) is a creative competition for visualisations of music and sound, audiovisual works and musical animations. Visuals are composed based on music and submitted as one unique synaesthetic piece of art. The music genre ranges from classical music to hiphop, electro, minimal and many more. Thereby eye music is created - "you can see the music and hear the visuals".

    Fecha límite: 

    Lunes, Abril 10, 2017 (Todo el día)
  • Found Footage Magazine issue #3

    Special On Angela Ricci Lucchi & Yervant Gianikian:
    - Yervant Gianikian and Angela Ricci Lucchi: Archive, Technology and Body, by Paula Arantzazu Ruiz

    The work of Yervant Gianikian and Angela Ricci Lucchi is a cinema of catalogue, a cinema that displays previously archived images and shapes an enormous inventory of 20th history century. It has been more than forty years since these Italian filmmakers (Gianikian is of Armenian origin) have been recovering, re-filming and re-editing archived films by means of the analytical camera—a re-visualizing tool made ex profeso to manipulate film footage from different sources, either by cutting original frames, reversing images and revealing their negative, modifying speed or manipulating the montage.


  • Avant-Noir (Volume 1)

    The program Avant-Noir surveys contemporary work by African and African Diaspora film and video artists, along with work that explores African cultures from other perspectives. Avant-Noir offers unique visions of the black experience while celebrating the presence of artists who are often excluded from elite institutions and the dominant discourses on experimental film and video.


    Martes, Marzo 7, 2017 - 20:00


  • What's Your Flavor? 2017 Call for entries

    Each year, What's Your Flavor? seeks out experimental films dealing with LGBTIQ issues in order to showcase them by including them in bold programs of works built on sharp political and aesthetic proposals.


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    Sábado, Abril 15, 2017 (Todo el día)
  • Austrian Film Museum: Hollis Frampton

    After Bruce Bailie, the Film Museum pays respect to another key figure of the New American Cinema revolution – this time one from the East rather than the West Coast: Hollis Frampton (1936-1984). After his formative "year of apprenticeship" spent with poet Ezra Pound (1957/1958), Ohio-born Frampton moved to New York in order to establish himself as a painter. He moved from photography to 16mm film and was soon celebrated as a visionary of Structural Film.


    De Lunes, Abril 3, 2017 (Todo el día) hasta Jueves, Abril 6, 2017 (Todo el día)