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  • CROSSROADS 2018 Call for entries

    Founded by filmmaker Bruce Baillie in 1961, San Francisco Cinematheque is the Bay Area’s premier venue for avant-garde/experimentalunderground and personally expressive film and video work. In its steadfast dedication to exhibiting works of aesthetically radical cinema from all historical eras and geo-political locales, Cinematheque celebrates the breadth and depth of this vibrant art form in all its myriad expressivities.

    Fecha límite: 

    Se repite cada semana 1 veces. También incluye Sáb Dic 30 2017.
    Jueves, Noviembre 30, 2017 (Todo el día)
    Domingo, Diciembre 31, 2017 (Todo el día)
  • Physicality and the Moving Image

    Saturated colour, sensor mutilation and seminal film flicker take over two floors of The Brunswick Club. Avant-garde film pioneer Malcolm Le Grice introduces a selection of his films including Little Dog for Roger (1967) and the dual 16mm version of Berlin Horse (1970). Peter Tscherkassky’s sensual and spectral The Exquisite Corpus (2015) completes the screenings.


    Viernes, Octubre 27, 2017 - 20:00


  • Brand New Blinkers: Non-Verbal Communication

    As part of the Cinema66 screening series, Brand New Blinkers are curating an evening of experimental films based around the theme - Non-Verbal Communication. Apart from titles, the films in this selection are not language-based, but rather unfold on a visual and aural level, communicating in a peculiar and unconventional way.


    Viernes, Octubre 6, 2017 - 19:00


  • Los Angeles Filmforum and The University Art Museum present - David Lamelas: Screening of Three Films

    Los Angeles Filmforum and The University Art Museum present -
    David Lamelas: Screening of Three Films

    In Person: David Lamelas

    David Lamelas began working in film in the late 1960s while living in London. Subsequently he created films in continental Europe, the United States, and Argentina. Place plays an integral role in his film work, as do the phenomenological experiences of time, space, and narrative. The University Art Museum presents three films by David Lamelas, including a rare 16 mm screening of Film 18 Paris IV 70 (People and Time-Paris), made with artist Daniel Buren, journalist Raúl Escari, and filmmaker Pierre Grinberg for the conceptual exhibition 18 Paris IV.70, curated by Michel Claura and Seth Siegelaub.


    Domingo, Octubre 8, 2017 - De 15:00 hasta 19:00


  • Ism, Ism, Ism presents Raúl Ruiz: Anthropology's Trembling Images

    From the 1920s on one can locate a fascinating, global convergence of avant-garde anthropology and experimental cinemas. In Latin America, this has often resulted in the manufacturing of social utopias and calls for radical figurations of the New Man, often by blurring nationalist and cosmopolitan fantasies dreamt up between Old and New Worlds. Chilean exile film artist and theorist Raúl Ruiz belongs uneasily and dissonantly to this tradition.


    Jueves, Septiembre 28, 2017 - De 19:00 hasta 21:00