WNDX Festival of Film and Video Art 2010

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WNDX 2010 poster"El festival de cine y videoarte de Winnipeg" WNDX llega a su quinta edición ofreciendo, como siempre las obras de cine y vídeo más innovadoras de artistas canadienses y extranjeros. Del 30 de Septiembre al 3 de Octubre, el festival ofrecerá, entre lo más destacado de su programación, retrospectivas parciales de Barbara Sternberg y George Kuchar (quién también será el protagonista de una conversación con Guy Maddin, la proyección del documental de Jennifer M. Kroot It Came From Kuchar y de un taller); una instalación de cine y vídeo multiproyector de Malena Szlam; así como su ya clásico evento One Take Super 8 Event.



Big Bad Baby Brain (L. Bruce Robertson, 2010)Thursday, September 30, 19h
New Prairie Cinema: A Whole New World
- Warchild by Caroline Monnet
- Phantasm by Andrew Milne & Ming Hon
- Somatic by Kelsey Braun
- Return To You by Cam Woykin
- Self Improvement by Clint Enns
- How To Care For Introverts by Leslie Supnet
- The Importance of Being Earnest by Divya Mehra
- Down(town)time by Steve Loft
- Hello, Calgary by Anne Koizumi & Travis Murphy
- Whatzhizname by Murray Toews
- Big Bad Baby Brain by L. Bruce Robertson
- Dead Meat by Clark Ferguson
- Hirsch by Noam Gonick
- Scenes from a Secret World by Amalie Atkins
- Dead Ringer by Mike Maryniuk

Thursday, September 30, 21h
Live Performance of Sontiainen: Doreen Girard & Julia Ryckman

Home, Sweet Home (Hsin-Wei Chen, 2009)Friday, October 1, 17h
International Experimental: The Poetics of Space
- Dromosphere by Thorsten Fleisch
- The Indeserian Tablets 1-12 by Peter Rose
- Home, Sweet Home by Hsin-Wei Chen
- Inside Out/Side One by Matt Meindl
- L’eau, l’air et les songes by Cécile Ravel
- Notturno by Mauro Santini
- Golden Hour by Robert Todd
- 28.IV.81 (Bedoin Spark) by Christopher Harris
- Glitch Telemetry by Maria Niro
- From One’s Silence to Other’s by Panu Johansson & Annika Rapo

Friday, October 1, 19h
Barbara Sternberg Restrospective 1: Film Work
- Awake
- After Nature
- Transitions
- Like a Dream that Vanishes

Friday, October 1, 21h
George Kuchar Program 1: Getting to Know George
- Hold Me While I’m Naked
- Electrocute Your Stars (by Marie Losier)
- Lovers of Eternity
- Burnout
- Art Space
- Route 666
- Calorie Cottage

Friday, October 1, 23h
George Kuchar Program 2: Filmy Sex & Mayhem
- Unstrap Me
- One Night a Week

A Re-enactment of Events (Rhayne Vermette, 2009)Saturday, October 2, 13h
Lost Spaces
- The Other Face of Time by Anca Matyiku
- A Re-enactment of Events by Rhayne Vermette
- Odeon by Michael Maksymiuk
- Space Replaced by Andy Puiatti
- Dazed or Confused by Shaun Cummins
- The Lost of Chinatown by Zhi Yong Wang
- How Far is it to Expo 2010? by Zhang Hong
- 3 Minutes in Beijing by Kevin Kelly
- Boomtown by Clark Ferguson

Saturday, October 2, 15h
Chronogram of Inexistent Time: Installation Opening & Artist Talk by Malena Szlam Salazar

Saturday, October 2, 17h
Barbara Sternberg Retrospective 2: Video Work
- Dark
- Sunsets

Perceptual Subjectivity (Phillipe Leonard, 2009)Saturday, October 2, 19h
Canada Avant Garde: Cine-Adrenaline
- Perceptual Subjectivity by Phillipe Leonard
- VILLE MARIE by Alexandre Larose
- Refraction Series by Chris Gehman
- Action: Study by Richard Kerr
- Lola by Mike Rollo
- Extrants 1 by Marik Boudreau
- Hydromorphone 8mg by François Miron
- Trees of Syntax, Leaves of Axis by Daïchi Saïto

Saturday, October 2, 21h
George Kuchar Program 3: Tornadoes & Travelogues
- Weather Diary 3
- Supercell
- Burrito Bay
- Rocky Interlude
- Weather Watch

Sunday, October 3, 13h
It Came From Kuchar: A documentary about George Kuchar by Jennifer M. Kroot

Sunday, October 3, 15h
Unholy Alliance: George Kuchar & Guy Maddin in Conversation

Everybody (Steve Reinke, 2009)Sunday, October 3, 17h
Canada Avant Garde: The View from Here
- amalpais by Chris Kennedy
- Tungijuq by Felix Lajeunesse & Paul Raphael
- Roundabout by Peter Byrne
- bio [feed] back by Crystal Melville
- Rachki by Kandis Friesen
- Collagist by Amy Lockhart
- Everybody by Steve Reinke
- Her Sugar Is? by Dana Claxton
- Solar Paludism by Lamashtu
- Wandering Through Secret Storms by Christina Battle

Sunday, October 3, 20h
One Take Super 8 Event