Tate Modern course: The Futurist Film

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The Futurist Film
Led by Karen Mirza and Brad Butler from no.w.here
Saturday 4 July 2009, 11.00–17.00
Saturday 11 July 2009, 10.00–17.00

The futurists loved film. They saw film as the art form that was best suited to capturing the complex sensibility of their time.

Participants in this practical workshop will explore the ideas of the Futurist Cinema Manifesto, look at contemporary practice inspired by them and end up making their own short films.

On day one, no.w.here tutors and participants view historical and contemporary work by Paul Sharits, Samuel Beckett, Nicky Hamlyn, David Dye, Tony Conrad and Steve Farrer amongst others. After a visit to the Futurism exhibition, a practical session devoted to shooting techniques with standard 8 and 16 mm cine cameras will follow. Participants will use these cameras to film in the afternoon.

Between sessions participants will be encouraged to use one of the aims of the Manifesto as an inspiration for making a short film. This work will be screened on day two, followed by further opportunities to practice shooting and developing film at no.w.here lab. All participants plus family and friends are invited to a screening of their film creations in the Starr Auditorium at Tate Modern on 17 July.

This workshop is open to beginners and experienced practitioners.
Tate Modern  East Room
£90 (£70 concessions), booking recommended
Price includes lunch on day one
For tickets book online or call 020 7887 8888.