South London Gallery: Susanne Bürner

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Susanne Bürner
10-18 December 2009
South London Gallery
65 Peckham Road, London, SE5 8UH

The South London Gallery presents the first London solo project by German artist Susanne Bürner. This new video work is shown as a special evening event (Thursday 10 December 2009, 7-9pm) accentuating its performative aspects following which it will be on show until 18 December 2009.

LEAVES reveals an empty stage alluding to an anticipated action. using elements of cinematographic language such as long shot sequences and depth of field, the film portrays the sensation of prolonged suspense. LEAVES presents a meadow surrounded by trees as a pre-defined location of action in which nothing is performed. In this way the set becomes the negative image of the missing action.

Susanne Bürner’s videos investigate the representation of the invisible. Exploring the possibilities of the existence of a psychological, emotive dimension in film, the work examines the boundaries between physical and psychological space in the context of film-making. The absence of narratives, the stillness and slow motion of the images contributes to the evocation of ‘atmosphere’ and accentuates the sensation of ‘waiting for something’. Therefore what happens behind the image becomes subject to the viewer’s own imagination.

Burner’s practice spans photography and film-making, mainly exploring the relationship between artists’ film-making and cinema. The presentation of her videos often takes the form of single channel installations sometimes including objects and photographs such as for her recent film EMBODIED TRUTH (2008). In this work her exploration of the ‘ungraspable’ in filmic representation sets up an opposition between materiality and sensuality. In 50,000 000 CAN'T BE WRONG (2006) images of millions of fans describe their frenzied state admiring a protagonist whose presence is only suggested.


South London Gallery
65 Peckham Road, London, SE5 8UH
Nearest Train: Peckham Rye
Local Buses: 12, 35, 36, 171, 343, 436

FREE admission

Event: Thursday 10 December 2009, at 7pm
Exhibition: Until 18 December 2009, 12-6pm