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scratch_18_05_10Scratch projection - Superflux
Tuesday, May 18, 20:30h (doors 19:30h), 6€
Aux Voûtes, 19, rue des Frigos, 75013 Paris

Scratch invites for the month of May to Grenoble's Filmbase, Lafoxe and Metalking to Aux Voûtes, for an evening of improvisation if film, video and electroacoustic music.

Filmbase: Riojim improvises from montages of films he makes, by varying speed, optics, rhythm, deterioration of the film. Lionel Palun captures the image live and reworks it in feedback video, with digital delaying, echoing, stretching or compressing. The result is a striking mix, blending the two materials into a pure dynamic light. The sound is processed in the same spirit as the image, a mix of optical strip of film and video signals become musical elements.

- Performance Vidéo-Cinéma, 30'
Riojim (16mm projector)
Lionel Palun (video-invidere wave)

Lafoxe: Duo of filmic improvisation. Gaëlle Rouard and Etienne Caire play with modified 16mm projectors and "found footage" processed at the Clinique MTK. A unique experience for a cinema whose ultimate transformation does not definitely fits on the film, but here, live, through interventions on all dimensions of the process of projection. Irreverent and firmly imposed manipulations on films and projectors designed to return the viewer's gaze. He can see the abyss of narrative pretext and founds himself projected to the practice itself of the cinematographic process and becomes able to feel certain fragile intuition of what film is. Lafoxe has developed his process after 10 years with the Cellule d’Intervention Métamkine and the musicians of the European improvisation scene.

- Performance "Expanded Cinéma", 30'
Gaëlle Rouard & Étienne Caire
for two 16mm projectors

Metalking: One plays the projector as the other plays the bass for a cinema of hallucinatory high energy noise! A performance by Metalking is concentrated and intense: Bronson improvises a quick and strong Japanoise. The working methods of Riojim are also crudely relevant: he applies a serious treatment to the projector, playing with the film and the noise-to-optical film developed in the Atelier MTK. Bronson says, "I do not really make music for the film. We do not make music for the film, we explore the relationship between sound and image as a collaborative experience" - Also often directed to the subversion of expectations in affirmation and joy of the music-making collective. Watching a performance by Metalking signals the truth of this.

- Performance, 30'
Richarles Bronson (bass + electronics)
Riojim (film 16mm)