Scratch Projection: F O C U S

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1859 (Fred Worden, 2008)Scratch Projection: F O C U S
Tuesday 12 February 2013, 20:30h
Cinéma Action Christine
4, rue Christine, 75006 Paris

Program introduced by Erwin van ‘t Hart (International Film Festival of Rotterdam and freelance programmer)

Zen for film, a retreat in the cinema. Complex film structures leading to a coherent visual experience, striving for simplicity and ultimately: nothingness. Films by Nicholas Brooks, Ivan Ladislav Galeta, Fred Worden, Takahiko Iimura and Paul Sharits will fill the space. An invitation to sit and contemplate.
How to prepare for a choreographic etude for unusual objects, a symmetrical film concept with two distinct centers, a celestial space filled with spherical light flares, a balanced superimposition of natural and rectangular form or a complex narrative of solid color harmonies? A quote by Arata Isozaki from the text of the film Ma: Space/Time from the Garden of Ryoan-ji will lead the way.

Perceive not the objects
but the distance
between them
not the sounds
but the pauses
they leave unfilled

- Arrastre (Nicholas Brooks, 2010, video, colour, sound, 7' 55)
- PIRÂMIDAS 1972 - 1984 (Ivan Ladislav Galeta, 1972-1984, 35 mm, n&b, sound, 12')
- 1859 (Fred Worden, 2008, video, colour, silent, 11')
- MA: Space/Time in the garden of Ryoan-Ji (Takahiko Iimura, 1989, 16 mm, colour, sound, 16')
- Declarative mode (Paul Sharits, 1976-1977, 16 mm, colour, silent, 40', double screen)