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UK publisher The Visible Press has made public a list of their forthcoming publications. Four new books presenting the writings of renowned filmmakers Lis Rhodes, Ken Jacobs and Peter Kubelka, as well as an anthology of articles from the British journal Afterimage.

Lis Rhodes. Telling Invents Told.
Edited by María Palacios Cruz

Texts by the British artist/filmmaker Lis Rhodes, whose work in film, photography, writing and political analysis explores the impact of language on perceptions, interactions and social relationships.

I Walked Into My Shortcomings: A Ken Jacobs Compendium.
Edited by William Rose
One of the pioneers of personal filmmaking, Ken Jacobs’ work encompasses film, digital media, and pre-cinematic performance techniques. This exhaustively researched collection reveals Jacobs to be a wildly opinionated and passionate writer, educator and provocateur. 

Peter Kubelka. Tasting the Universe.
Edited by Mark Webber
Based on historical lectures and new interviews, this book represents the first time that Peter Kubelka has agreed to set down his theories on film, cooking, the arts, and the human animal.

The Afterimage Reader.
Edited by Mark Webber and Simon Field
An anthology of Afterimage, the British journal which addressed independent, avant-garde, political cinema and animation over thirteen issues from 1970 to 1987.