New DVD releases from lowave and Facets

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 Lowave adds two new titles to their catalogue:

- Maurice Lemaître: Our stars & The little God. A good chance to know the work of this multidisciplinar artist, and main representative of the Letrism movement. 60 min. PAL/NTSC. Region free. 25 €.

- Different Cinema vol.2. Compilation of short films screened at the Festival des Cinémas Différents de Paris. 60 min. PAL/NTSC. Region free. 25 €. Includes the short films:

Artemis - Valerie Morignat (2001)
Flamenc'co - Olivier Fouchard (2002-3)
Lily in the glass - Shino Kano (2003)
Da qui, sopra il mare - Mauro Santini (2003)
Deperdition Lointaine - Dominik Lange (1999-2004)
Perhaps/We - Solomon Nagler (2003)
K (désert) - Frédérique Devaux (2004)
F.I.R.T. 119 - Rubén Guzmán (2002)

Facets Video has announced the edition of

- Tribulation 99: Alien Anomalies Across America. The exhilarating and funny satire about USA's politics, created with found-footage by Craig Baldwin. Strange it hasn't been edited in Baldwin's own brand, Other cinema. Includes audio commentary by the director. 96 min. NTSC. Region 1. 24.95 $.

- Johan van der Keuken: The Complete Collection Vol. 1. A 3 DVD set with the films of one of the most innovative documentary fillmakers. Includes  I Love $, Beauty, A Moment of Silence, The Eye Above the Well, Lucebert: Time y Farewell, The Unanswered Question, On Animal Locomotion, Face Value, and The Mask.  517 min. NTSC. Region 1. 79.95 $.

The lowave are already available. Facets' DVDs will be released next Novemner 28th.