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  • Jeff Keen 1923-2012

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    Very sad news. Through the Lighthouse blog we've learned of the passing today of British experimental filmmaker Jeff Keen, who had been battling with cancer for several years. This interview was shot at Keen's home in Brighton in 2008, for the BFI's DVD and blu-ray editions of his films.


  • 50th Ann Arbor Film Festival Awards

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    AAFF logoThe 50th Ann Arbor Film Festival is proud to announce this year's award winning films as chosen the jury: Michael Robinson, Kathy Geritz and Peter Rose.

    Ken Burns Award for Best of the Festival: Lack of Evidence (Manque de Preuves) by Hayoun Kwon

    The Stan Brakhage Film at Wit's End Award: Voluptuous Sleep by Betzy Bromberg

    Lawrence Kasdan Award for Best Narrative Film: Palaces of Pity by Daniel Schmidt & Gabriel Abrantes

    Michael Moore Award for Best Documentary Film: Guañape Sur by János Richter

    Award for Best International Film: Untitled by Neil Beloufa

    Peter Wilde Award for Most Technically Innovative Film: Vexed by Telcosystems

    FILM Award for Best LGBT Film: The Evil Eyes by Bobby Abate

    Award for Best Sound Design: Remote by Jesse McLean

    Kodak/Colorlab Award for Best Cinematography: Undergrowth by Robert Todd and  Within by Robert Todd

    The No Violence Award: If the War Continues by Jonathan Schwartz

    Gus Van Sant Award for Best Experimental Film: Sounding Glass by Sylvia Schedelbauer

    Chris Frayne Award for Best Animated Film: It's such a beautiful day by Don Hertzfeldt and Traces by Scott Stark

    The Barbara Aronofsky Latham Award for Emerging Experimental Video Artist: Ceibas: The Epilogue - The Well of Representation by Evan Meaney

    Prix DeVarti for Funniest Film: Walt Disney's 'Taxi Driver' by Bryan Boyce, Shadow Cuts by Martin Arnold and Pluto Declaration by Travis Wilkerson

    Tom Berman Award for Most Promising Filmmaker: The Strawberry Tree by Simone Rapisarda Casanova

    George Manupelli Founder's Spirit Award: By Foot-Candle Light by Mary Helena Clark

    Art & Science Award: 20Hz by Semiconductor

    The Eileen Maitland Award: Irma by Charles Fairbanks

    Award for Best Music Video: Go Outside by Cults by Isaiah Seret

    Jury awards:

    - As Above, So Below by Sarah J. Christman
    - Tin Pressed by Dani Leventhal
    - Curious Light by Charlotte Pryce
    - Landfill 16 by Jennifer Reeves
    - August Song by Jodie Mack, Emily Kuehn
    - A Lax Riddle Unit by Laida Lertxundi
    - Quest (Cautare) by Ionut Piturescu
    - The House (Das Haus) by David Buob
    - Envelop by Julianna Barwick by Cam Archer


  • Courtisane 2012 awards

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    Courtisane logoThe 11th edition of the Courtisane Festival for film, video and media art closed on Sunday 25 March 2012. 

    At the award ceremony, the festival jury − Gabriel Abrantes (PT/US, filmmaker and artist), Marina Gioti (GR, filmmaker and artist) en Jeremy Rigsby (CA, programme director Media City Film Festival - Canada) − announced the winner of the film competition and two special mentions. Directly afterwards the winning works were shown again. 

    The prize was awarded to filmmaker Nicolas Pereda for Entrevista con la Tierra (MEX, 2010)

    Ambivalently fiction and documentary, Entrevista con la Tierra traces the reverberant silhouette of absence: a child has died, leaving family, friends, and community to grasp at shadows, pursue solace through ritual, pretend nothing happened. Into this void, director Nicolas Pereda probes with questions and camera, enacting a search for reconciliation that speaks to a modern, autochthonous child. 

    De jury over Entrevista con la Tierra 

    We decided to choose this film for its proposal, which is prevalent in the entirety of the filmmakers work, which seeks to reinvigorate a social function in filmmaking, in art. It seeks to use fiction, documentary to build and support a small and geographically condensed group of people, exploring a mixture of their quotidian lives, their past myths and the fictions of their future, this is filmmaking that seeks out and manifests the need and actual use of culture, to link a group of people together in the pursuit of a future together. 

    Special mentions: 

    - Agatha by Beatrice Gibson (UK, 2012) 

    Beatrice Gibson’s latest film Agatha is a psychosexual sci-fi about a planet without speech. Its narrator, ambiguous in gender and function, weaves us slowly through a mental and physical landscape, observing and chronicling a space beyond words. Based on a dream had by the radical British composer Cornelius Cardew.

    - I Will Forget This Day by Alina Rudnitskaya (RU, 2011) 

    “Filmed in Grisaille with a sober eye, Alina Rudnitskaya’s I Will Forget This Day is a wrenching portrait of waiting young women, whose decisions are not always willfully made”. (Andréa Picard)


  • Moving Image Review & Art Journal first issue online

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    Intellect is delighted to announce the publication of the Moving Image Review & Art Journal. To celebrate the arrival of this groundbreaking journal we are offering issue 1.1 for free online: The Moving Image Review & Art Journal (MIRAJ) is the first international peer-reviewed scholarly publication devoted to artists’ film and video, and its contexts. It offers a forum for debates surrounding all forms of artists’ moving image and media artworks: films, video installations, expanded cinema, video performance, experimental documentaries, animations, and other screen-based works made by artists. MIRAJ aims to consolidate artists’ moving image as a distinct area of study that bridges a number of disciplines, not limited to, but including art, film, and media. Reflecting the subject matter this journal contains many innovative elements and includes lots of black and white and colour imagery throughout.

    The first issue contains exciting work from an impressive list of contributors including Catherine Elwes, Maeve Connolly, Erika Balsom and Sean Cubitt. Articles and features represent a broad range of exceptional scholarship including such pieces as 'Brakhage's sour grapes, or notes on experimental cinema in the art world' an article which examines the place of experimental cinema within the contemporary museum in order to challenge the commonly held assumption that it is somehow opposed to, or at least outside, the art world. For a complete list of articles and abstracts please visit: As well as articles and features the journal is also home to a vibrant Reviews section and Founding Editor, Catherine Elwes, frames the whole issue with a rousing editorial.

    Visit the journal online for more details, or please contact James Campbell ([email protected]).

    'Artists' moving image is a hard topic to pin down, and its images and effects are multiple and mutable, but it has a substantial history. Snaring that history – or rather its manifold histories – in the pages of MIRAJ is one of the aspirations of our enterprise' - Catherine Elwes, Founding Editor, MIRAJ


  • Marcel Mazé (1940-2012)

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    Mazé and Jonas Mekas at Hyères, 1974 Una de las míticas figuras del 'cine diferente' europeo, Marcel Mazé (1940-2012) falleció la pasada madrugada. Marcé fue el fundador y posteriormente presidente del Collectif Jeune Cinéma, la primera cooperativa de cineastas de Francia, creada en 1971, hace ya más de 40 años, siguiendo el modelo de la Film-Makers’ Cooperative de Jonas Mekas. Crítico de cine, cineasta ocasional (su corto más conocido es Focalises de 1980), actor en muchos filmes de Stéphane Marti, Mazé creó además el Festival des Cinémas Différents et Expérimentaux de Paris. Para apreciar mejor su pasión por el 'cine diferente', nada mejor que leer la entrevista que le hizo Viviane Vagh para Senses of Cinema con ocasión del cuadragésimo aniversario del CJC.

  • Experimental Conversations issue 8 - Winter 2011

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  • workshops January-February 2012

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    Direct Super 8: A workshop with Ian is delighted to announce a brand new series of workshops for January and February 2012.

    (1). Colorado: Tinting and toning motion picture film
    Saturday 21st January 2012, 10:30 – 6pm. members £80 / £120 non-members.

    Artist filmmaker Kevin Rice will take you through a hands-on exploration of the history, theories, motivations, and concepts behind tinting and toning 16mm motion picture film. The workshop is easily accessible and no previous knowledge of film techniques or technology is required. For more information and a full description please see:

    (2). My life as a silver halide: Pushing, Pulling & Intensifying Black & White Film
    Saturday 28th January, 10:30 - 6:00pm. Price: £80 members, £120 non-members.

    This workshop with Kevin explores the extremities of what is possible in black and white motion picture photography, in order to understand the exact nature of working with the silver halide. Topics that will be covered include: increasing film speed, pushing and pulling film, controlling density & contrast through various chemical and non-chemical processes, and how to effectively execute such procedures before, during and after development. For more information and a full description please see:


  • Millennium Film Journal 55 “Structures and spaces: Cine-installation”

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    Millennium Film JournalMillennium Film Journal 55 “Structures and spaces: Cine-installation”

    Millennium Film Journal issue No. 55 “Structures and spaces: Cine-installation” to be published next March 2012

    The focus of the issue is moving image installation: covering film, video and digital formats. The issue will be generously illustrated. Given the widespread interest in installation among artists, curators, gallerists, collectors, as well as the general public, we expect that the issue will enjoy wide national and international distribution through 2012, and that it will be regarded as a primary source for many years into the future.

    For at least 40 years, artists have been interested in using the moving image in installations. Multi-projector film installations by artists such as Paul Sharits and Michael Snow, as well as video installations by Gary Hill, Bill Viola, Nam June Paik and many others have been exhibited in museums and galleries since the early 1970s, and even before. But it has exploded in the last ten years, to such an extent that the multi-screen installation seems to be the dominating form at major art fairs, biennials, galleries and museums.

    MFJ 55 will examine, analyze, and celebrate the phenomenon of the moving image installation. It includes writings on:
    • the aesthetics of installation art by theorists Laura Marks and Kim Knowles;
    • video artist and musician Steina by Gerald O’Grady;
    • ‘Photographic Memory’ by Martin Rumsby discussing contemporary filmmakers Gregg Biermann, Steven Woloshen, Richard Tuohy and Ben Russell;
    • the history and significance of ‘the loop’ by Ron Green;
    • plus Scott MacDonald’s extensive interview with verteran filmmaker Alfred Guzzetti, and reviews of current exhibitions of works by Paul Sharits, Harun Farocki, Eija-Liisa Ahtila, and others.

    The issue also includes personal memoirs of recently deceased filmmakers whose work had a major influence on several generations of artists: Jordan Belson by Gene Youngblood, Robert Breer by George Griffin, Owen Land by Daryl Chin, and George Kuchar by Marie Losier.

    MFJ welcomes advertising from galleries, museums, exhibitions, publishers, educational institutions, film labs, video studios, production services, and others, and offer a discounted rate for individual artists. Advertising insertion order deadline for the upcoming issue MFJ 55 is Jan 20, 2012.


  • Mono no aware filmmaking workshops

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    Mono no awareMono no aware filmmaking workshops
    Winter & Early Spring workshops 2012

    Mono no aware is very excited to announce our new line up of filmmaking workshops! Registration is now open!

    - Intro to 16mm filmmaking
    - Super 8mm filmmaking
    - Introduction to hand-processing black & white reversal film
    - Advanced 16mm filmmaking workshop color reversal
    - Experimenting with alternative processing techniques
    - 16mm direct filmmaking workshop
    - Introduction to hand-processing color negative film

    Please read workshop policies before registering. if the workshop you are interested is full contact us to pre-register for the next session. also we will be offering stop-motion animation, camera obscura filmmaking and more in the Spring, contact us if you have interest in pre-registering.

    Note that our workshops are limited to 10 persons or less providing an intimate hands-on learning experience. All materials, film and equipment related to the class are inclusive. The workshops take place at CPR (361 Manhattan Ave, Unit 1, Brooklyn, New York) ONLY 3 short blocks from Lorimer L/G or Graham L subway stops. OR at Negativland Darkroom (1717 Troutman St, Suite #244 Brooklyn, New York) ONLY 2 short blocks from the Jefferson L subway stop. Maps below.

    These workshops would not be possible without the partnership of Kodak, Dijifi, Pac-Lab and our host space The Center For Performance Research


  • 13th Paris Festival Of Different And Experimental Cinemas Awards

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    13th Paris Festival Of Different And Experimental CinemasThese are the awards for the 13th edition of the Festival of Different and Experimental Cinemas:


    Grand Jury
    Grand Prix of different cinema: Because we are visual by Olivia Rochette and Gerard-Jan Claes
    Grand Prix of experimental cinema: Disquiet by SJ. Ramir
    Special mention to Schip by Tanatchai Bandasak
    Special mention to 360° by Nadine Poulain

    Press Jury
    Press Grand Prix: Panexlab by Olivier Séror and Post-industrie by Arnaud Gerber (ex aequo)
    Special mention to Because we are visual by Olivia Rochette and Gerard-Jan Claes