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  • Happy New Year and some apologies

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    Due to my typical year's end's work overload this site has been inactive for more than a month now. Far from being dead, we hope to continue the site's activity with new film reviews and articles very soon.

    During this last month or so, due to some changes in the server configuration of our hosting service, all new user registrations have failed sending the activation emails. We have proceeded to resend these mails so you can finally activate your account. Sorry for any inconvenience.

  • Scott MacDonald entrega un premio a William Greaves

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    William GreavesEl pasado 16 de Noviembre, Scott MacDonald (A critical cinema) entregó el Leo Award por toda la carrera en cine documental a William Greaves, por mostrar "una capacidad sostenida para introducir enfoques innovadores en el campo de las artes mediáticas". El evento se celebró en el  Lincoln Center, Nueva York

    William Greaves es un destacado cineasta documental que ha ejercido en el campo durante más de 50 años. Es un artista polifacético que ha trabajado como productor, director, editor, cámara, actor, bailarín, profesor de teatro y compositor de canciones. El sello Criterion ha  lanzado recientemente un pack con sus films Symbiopsychotaxiplasm Take One y Take 2 1/2.

  • Entrevista a Scott MacDonald

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    Cinemascope acaba de publicar una interesante entrevista de Michael Sicinski a Scott MacDonald, autor de libros tan importantes como Avant-Garde Film: Motion Studies, The garden in the machine y la imprescindible serie A Critical Cinema: Interviews with Independent Filmmakers, que ha alcanzado este año su quinto volumen.

    Podéis acceder a la entrevista a través de este enlace.

  • Jean-Marie Straub's polemic messages at Venice

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    Straub y HuilletAt the Venice FIlm Festival, that closed the 9th, Jean-Marie Straub and Danièlle Huillet premiered teir new film Quei loro incontri (2006), sequel to Dalla nube alla resistenza (1979), and, as the previous one, based in a Cesare Pavese's work, the Dialoghi con Leucò . This year's jury, presided by actress Catherine Deneuve, chose to award a Roaring Lion to the cineast couple "for invention of cinematic language in the ensemble of their work". The Straubs, however, didn't attend nor the film's premiere neither the award ceremony: Huillet was ill and Straub sent several messages that were read by the film's actors. 


  • JonasMekas com: Richter's Rythmus 21

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    As we previously told you, Jonas Mekas has begun to publish in his web classical experimental works. The videos are in mp4 format (Ipod compatible) and are prologued by Mekas himself. The first one to be released is Rythmus 21 (1921) by Hans Richter.

  • New features and improvements

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    We've made today a couple of changes in the site:


    - We've update succesfully the board to version 1.1.RC3 of SMF. It features great improvements in security and performance which are noticeable already. 

    - We add a chat insyead of the old shoutbox, so you can talk online to toher users/visitors of this site. The chat is open to everyone. No need to regiister. 


    We hope you like them Wink


  • UbuWeb re-launches its film & video section

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    UbuWeb re-launches its video section with new content. thay have added numerous notes and commentaries and new videos to their free online catalogue. New additions include works by Vito Acconci, Alexander Calder, Merce Cunningham, Harun Farocki, Groupe
    Medvedkine, Helmut Herbst, Fernand Leger, Bruce Nauman, Charlemagne Palestine,
    Shuji Terayama, David Wojnarowicz, Richard Serra, Piero Heliczer and Paul McCarthy, among others.


  • 4 cortos de Anger restaurados

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    El UCLA (University of California - Los Angeles) Film and Television Archive ha restaurado cuatro de los films de Kenneth Anger. Estos fueron proyectados en primicia el pasado sábado en el 13er Annual Festival of Preservation, celebrado en al campous de la UCLA. El evento contó con la presencia de Kenneth Anger quién fue entrevistado para la ocasión. Los cortos restaurados son Fireworks (1947), Scorpio Rising (1963), Kustom Kar Kommandos (1965) y Rabbit's Moon (1950).

    Los primeros tres films fueron rodados originalmente en 16mm y han sido ampliados a 35mm en su versión restaurada. Rabbit's Moon (1950) fue rodada en 35 mm, pero hasta ahora estaba disponible en una versión reducida en 16mm y con la imagen invertida de derecha a izquierda debido a un error. La versión restaurada recupera el formato y la orientación originales.. El Archivo ha manifestado su intención de restaurar más cortos de Anger, aunque aún no existen planes concretos para ello.

  • Avant-garde Blog-A-Thon

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    Though a liltle bit late, we tell you about Avant-garde Blog-A-Thon, a curious initiative in which last August 2nd, some cinema-related (and not so related) blogs posted articles about avant-garde cinema. This event was promoted by girish, in whose blog you'll find a post about Joseph Cornell (we will publish an article about him soon).

    This is the list of the participant blogs...