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  • CVM recibe subvención para la conservación

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    cvm_logoEl Center for Visual Music ha recibido la prestigiosa subvención Avant-Garde Masters para la conservación de los tres rollos de los expermientos en 35 mm de Oskar Fischinger en su serie de performances con multiproyección  'Raumlichtkunst' de los años 20. Financiada por la Film Foundation y gestionada por la National Film Preservation Foundation, este programa está dedicado a fomentar la salvación de obras significativas en el desarrollo de la vanguardia de EEUU. La Film Foundation es una organización no lucrativa fundada en 1990 por Martin Scorsese, dedicada a la protección y salvaguardia de la historia del cine.

  • Afterimages

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    lux_logoLux no sólo ha rediseñado su tienda online para darle plena funcionalidad, sino que además nos ha dado una gran sorpresa: Los DVDs del sello Afterimages, sólo disponibles para adquisición por bibliotecas e instituciones, están disponibles ahora para su venta al público. los cuatro títulos que han sido lanzados hasta el momento están dedicados a selecciones de filmes por Malcom Le Grice, Peter Gidal, Vivienne Dick y Lis Rhodes, todos ellos disponibles por 20 libras c/u.

  • Red Avocado

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    Red Avocado logoAcaba de nacer un nuevo sello DVD europeo. Red Avocado ("Films as rare as red avocados" - "Filmes tan raros como aguacates rojos") producirá y distribuirá filmes experimentales y de vanguardia editados en DVD. Los primeros títulos planificados (hasta ahora sólo disponibles para reserva) incluyen la obras de Paul Winkler, Bastian Clevé, Ingo Petzke y Christoph Janetzko.

  • Film-Makers' Cooperative to be evicted

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    film_coop_logoDear Friends and Members of the Film-Makers' Cooperative:

    Since December 2000 our office has been located in a New York City government space, the "Clocktower Gallery".  It has been a safe and convenient location.  The FMC had a lease with MoMA/PS.1 on a month to month basis.  MoMA is terminating its lease and the FMC's sublease will terminate with it.  Alanna Heiss (former P.S. 1 Director ) is negotiating a new lease with the city through the Dept. of Cultural Affairs.  Although the floor plans she had submitted to the city for her new organization, Art Radio International, (that originally included the FMC) Heiss has decided there is no room for the FMC anymore. 
    Upon further negotiation with Art Radio International we have been refused a sublease.  We have received an eviction notice and are trying to appeal to the Department of Cultural Affairs Commissioner Kate D. Levin to support our efforts to remain either in our current building or to move to another, affordable city space. You can write to Kate D. Levin directly at

    The more letters that are received on our behalf, the better!

    Of course, we are working with legal consul. The FMC Board of Directors, and M.M. Serra  will continue to keep you informed. Any questions you have, please call the FMC office at 212-267-5665.

    This message was sent by: Film Coop, 108 Leonard Street, 13 floor, New York, New York 10013


  • FFF 2009 Experimental Selections Announced

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    The Fargo Film Festival is proud to announce its official program of experimental films for 2009. Congratulations to our outstanding group of moviemakers.

    Winner Best Experimental Film:

    * Themes + Variations for the Naked Eye (Caitlin Horsmon, Kansas City, Missouri)

    Honorable Mention:

    * Double Thunder (Potter-Bellmar Labs, San Antonio, Texas)

    Official Selections:

    * Automatic (Sharon Mooney, Chicago, Illinois)
    * 4 Minutes on an Abandoned Bridge (Todd Tinkham, Durham, North Carolina)
    * Random Access Memory (Gavin Rehder, Fargo, North Dakota)


  • Tank tv : Alexander Heim

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    Alexander Heim
    1st - 15th February 2009 is pleased to present a selection of work from Alexander Heim including: Costa, Three Seasons, Untitled (Dog), Grand Walk and Matalan.

    “(Heim’s) new film Costa (2008) tracks the daily activities of pigeons at a busy coffee shop, following one bird scratching about the feet of commuters, another skittering across a marble floor and a third bracing itself against the wind in a concrete ledge, solemn as an eagle. With painstaking care they hunt for the scraps between glinting metal chairs, clamber up gigantic steps and outwit oblivious shows. The look faintly ludicrous but supremely resourceful. The birds perspective translates familiar surrounding into foreign territory; a station concourse gleams like an immense frozen lake, its menacing cashpoint the mouth to hell; the complicated shadow of a railing is not a reminder of an environment shaped by caring human hands but a welcome rush-hour haven. In a city planned with no thought of pigeons as its users, these benighted tacticians are transcendent.
    The films visual incongruity is heightened by its score of keys clinking on a table, the running of water, a hair-dryer blasting and the spray of perfume. Heim has used this kind of aural dislocation before, setting his film of swans on London’s Regent Canal to techno music (Grand Walk, 2005) and applying a gloriously lush soundtrack to a stray’s encounter with busy traffic in China (Untitled (Dog), 2006). The technique works by emphasizing the human characteristics of these animals; here, for instance, the deftness of a bird picking its way along a wall is captured by the sound of teeth being neatly brushed. It demands a kind of internal re-tuning, since sounds transposed in this way seem both more expansive and more penetrating. Heard in a new context, the efficient noises of a woman preparing to go out are as curious as the world viewed at pavement level. (..)
    Heim strips away the literalness of everyday life, revealing the mysteries contained in the most commonplace. It is no coincidence that he selects the least loved of all birds to be the focus of this lyrical inquiry. The ubiquitous pigeon is emblematic of those inconsequential things that surround us, the routine stuff that so often goes unexamined. the result is no dour pronouncement by the artist on the fate of the dispossessed but a witty celebration of existence on the margins. The birds come across not as pitiable outcasts but as profound seekers after truth; driven by some internal compass they make their own way in the city, discovering their own paths, becoming poets of their own acts.”
    - Kate Forde, Frieze, November 2008.

    Alexander Heim studied at the Hochschule fur Bildende Kunste Hamburg, gaining a diploma in fine art in 2004, before completing an MFA at Goldsmiths College, London in 2006. Recent exhibitions include: ‘Doves’ at doggerfisher, Edinburgh; Feeling gave way to structure, The approach E2, London; Nought to Sixty, ICA, London and Drei Jahreszeiten


  • Lux associate artists 2008/9

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    LUX is pleased to announce the selection of the eight LUX associate artists for its 2008/9 programme. The artists are Luke
    Fowler, Laura Gannon, Duncan Marquiss, Laure Prouvost, Grace Schwindt,
    Samuel Stevens, Stina Wirfelt and Emma Wolukau-Wanambwa.
    LUX Associate Artists Programme (AAP) is a unique 12 month professional
    development course for artists working with the moving image. It aims
    to provide an intensive course of development focused on critical
    discourse, extending to the practical and infrastructural issues that
    present challenges for artists working with the medium through
    seminars, mentorship and a final funded public project.
    programme is lead by Ian White, writer, artist and adjunct film curator
    of Whitechapel and generously funded by the Leverhulme Trust.
    programme is managed and facilitated by LUX, an arts agency which
    explores ideas around artists' moving image practice through
    exhibition, distribution, publishing, education and research.
    is the second year of the LUX AAP, the first year’s associates Claire
    Hope, Anja Kirschner, Matthew Noel-Tod, Rachel Reupke, James Richards,
    James Sweetbaum, Mayling To and Katy Woods have just completed the
    programme and are working towards a final film project which will be
    launched in March 2009.

    Guest lecturers and mentors on the programme have so far included Gregg Bordowitz,
    JJ Charlesworth, Adam Chodzko, Stuart Comer, Adam Curtis, Stephan
    Dillemuth, Kodwo Eshun, Ryan Gander, Graham Gussin, Mark Leckey, Daria
    Martin, Simon Martin, Jan Mot, Laura Mulvey, Rosalind Nashashibi, Uriel
    Pawel Pawlikowski, Gail Pickering, Steve Reinke, Polly Staple and Hito Steyerl


  • Raymond Salvatore Harmon - The Philosopher's Stone

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    Subliminal Films present:

    The Philosopher's Stone

    Directed and produced by
    Raymond Salvatore Harmon

    featuring the music of Bog (

    starring Jacob Andrew Myers
    introducing Isobel Julianna Harmon

    The Philosopher's Stone tells the story of Jacob Fausstman, a scientist and early alchemist who searches for the key to curing man of the disease of death. In his frustration Jacob stumbles onto another path to achieve his goals. Turning to the dark arts Jacob conjures the demon Mephistopheles and is given the key to eternal life. But his perceptions of 'life eternal' and the nature of his existence comes into question once he has obtained his desire for true knowledge.

    Base in equal parts on the Faustian archetype and the biographical story of Dr. Albert Hoffmann's accidental discovery of LSD, The Philosopher's Stone is an homage to early German Expressionist cinema and the psychedelic visualizations of drug culture.

    Courtesy of


    The Philosopher's Stone will be available (via bit torrent) for full dvd quality
    download FREE Oct 31st 2008 at GREYLODGE.ORG,, and
    streaming at:

    for more information please contact:

    [email protected]

    or visit


  • Abstracta 2008 Awards

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    Abstracta 2008 Winner:

    - Scattered... Wide by Henry Gwiazda (USA)

    Jury special mentions:

    - Corpus tracks by Saul Saguatti and Audrey Coianiz (Italy-France)
    - V1:Tourbillons by Christian Lebrat (France)
    - I am Elizabeth by Jerry Sangiuliano (USA)
    - Another picture by Gregg Biermann (USA)
    - Lacus temporis by Bret Battey (UK)