The London & Porto Underground Film Festivals

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The London & Porto Underground Film Festivals
Deadline 16th September 2013

The London & Porto Underground Film Festivals celebrate the underground, experimental and outsider works of cinema. Our aim is to show work that expresses originality and creativity and that is truly independent in form, content and spirit. We are interested in films that challenge, expand and explore what cinema is, and could be. We are open to submissions of all kinds, both narrative and non-narrative, genre and genreless. We only ask that they are original and creative.

This year, the London Underground Film Festival will take place from 14th to 17th November at The Horse Hospital, as usual. We are also very excited to announce that we’ll be starting a sister festival in Porto, Portugal, that will take place early 2014.

You are free to submit films of any type to the festival, we have no restrictions on genre, style or length.

We are looking for short and feature length films that are non-commercial and non-mainstream. Our concern is to show films from those unique corners of cinema that would normally be ignored or rejected by the commercially driven cinemas. We are interested in the art of cinema, how film can experiment with form and challenge our ideas of what a film is and could be. We specifically seek work that is experimental, poetic, original, underground and unique. We want to show films that will excite, challenge, surprise and enthrall people and give them a cinematic experiment that they won’t forget. We look forward to seeing your film!


How to submit / guidelines

Please print and fill out the submission form and send it with a copy of your film on DVD, Blu-ray or VHS to:

The Underground Film Studio
ATTN: Clara Pais
Rua 8, 109
4500-153 Espinho

It is FREE to submit your film. You may submit as many films as you like, priority will be given to new work but older work will also be considered. Feel free to send any supporting material such as pressbooks, stills, posters, etc.

Please do not submit unfinished works. We only accept submissions on DVD, Blu-ray and VHS, we don’t accept links or online submissions.

The submitted DVD, Blu-ray or VHS must be the exhibition copy.

By submitting your work you agree that we have permission to screen it at the London and/or Porto Underground Film Festivals.

Your film will be reviewed by the festival’s selection panel and you will be notified by email in October if your film has been successful.

Please clearly label discs with your name, the film’s title, contact details and any relevant technical info.