Cines o locales de cine experimental o afines de todo el mundo. ¿Conoces alguno que no esté aquí? Háznoslo saber.

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Close-Up Cinema

Close-Up aims to make film culture and history accessible through its library, film screenings and the online publication of Vertigo Magazine. Established in 2005, the company has built up its activities on the basis of reinvesting all its profits into creating an extensive film resource.

http://www.closeupfilmcentre.com Reino Unido
Club SAW http://www.galeriesawgallery.com/sawgallery.html Canadá
Come Alone Grecia
Common Ground Art Gallery

Common Ground Art Gallery is a non-profit, artist-run space in Windsor, Ontario, open to all.

Coolidge Corner Theatre Coolidge Corner Theatre Estados Unidos
Cornell Cinema Estados Unidos
Counterpath Counterpath Press Estados Unidos
Crab Park Canadá
Crater Lab http://crater-lab.org/ España
CRCLR Alemania
CUBE http://www.cube.org.uk Reino Unido

CultureHub is where art and technology intersect. Founded in 2009 by La MaMa and the Seoul Institute of the Arts, CultureHub has held over 300 events and classes involving more than 200 artists from over 20 different countries.

http://www.culturehub.org Estados Unidos
Current Space Community Darkroom

Current Space is an artist-run gallery, studio, and a headquarters for cultural production, nourishing an ongoing dialogue between artists, activists, performers, designers, curators, and thinkers.

Current Space Estados Unidos
Czong Institute for Contemporary Art Czong Institute for Contemporary Art Corea del Sur
DA2 – Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Salamanca http://domusartium2002.com/ España
Dabadaba España
Dagvorm Bélgica
De La Warr Pavilion http://www.dlwp.com/ Reino Unido
De Nijverheid Website Holanda
De Nijverheid Facebook Holanda
de Young Museum Estados Unidos
Detour Gallery Website Estados Unidos
Deus Ex Machina Estados Unidos
Deutschen Filmmuseum Frankfurt Website Alemania
DIM Cinema

DIM Cinema is a monthly series that presents artists whose practices are in dialogue with cinema, as an architectural space, a social context, a medium, or a formal structure.  Its name was inspired by the diffused Vancouver sky, the darkness of t

DIM Cinema Canadá