Cines o locales de cine experimental o afines de todo el mundo. ¿Conoces alguno que no esté aquí? Háznoslo saber.

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Título Descripción Enlace País
Cinema San Nicola Italia
Cinéma Spoutnik Suiza

Cinema6 - a new neighbourhood cinema for Peckham

Cinema6.co.uk Reino Unido
CinemaSpace http://www.segalcentre.org/en/cinemaspace/about Canadá
Cinemateca do MAM http://www.mamrio.org.br/cinemateca Brasil
Cinemateca do Rio de Janeiro

Cinemateca do Rio de Janeiro

http://www.mamrio.org.br/cinemateca/ Brasil
Cinemateca Uruguaya Website Uruguay
Cinematek http://www.cinematek.be/ Bélgica
Cinemateket - Norsk filminstitutt http://www.cinemateket.no/ Noruega
Cinémathèque francaise http://www.cinematheque.fr Francia
Cinémathèque québécoise

The Cinémathèque Québécoise is Montreal’s museum of moving images.

www.cinematheque.qc.ca/ Canadá
Cinéphilia West http://www.cinephilia.co.uk/west/ Reino Unido
Cineteca Madrid Website España
Cineworks Studio

Cineworks Independent Filmmakers Society (est. 1980) is an artist-run production and exhibition centre that supports independent filmmakers and media artists.

http://www.cineworks.ca/ Canadá
Círculo de Bellas Artes https://www.circulobellasartes.com/ España
City of Takoma Park, Municipal Government Estados Unidos
Çizgelikedi Görsel Kültür Merkezi

Gürsel Aksel Bulvarı, No:43/B,C M.Ali Akman Mah. Güzelyalı, 35290 Esmirna

Close-Up Cinema

Close-Up aims to make film culture and history accessible through its library, film screenings and the online publication of Vertigo Magazine. Established in 2005, the company has built up its activities on the basis of reinvesting all its profits into creating an extensive film resource.

http://www.closeupfilmcentre.com Reino Unido
Club SAW http://www.galeriesawgallery.com/sawgallery.html Canadá
Come Alone Grecia
Common Ground Art Gallery

Common Ground Art Gallery is a non-profit, artist-run space in Windsor, Ontario, open to all.

Coolidge Corner Theatre Coolidge Corner Theatre Estados Unidos
Cornell Cinema Estados Unidos
Counterpath Counterpath Press Estados Unidos
Crab Park Canadá