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Over the past five years, four prolific underground filmmakers have emerged to define a new and distinctive visionary strain of filmmaking in Ireland. Under the banner of Experimental Film Society, Rouzbeh Rashidi, Dean Kavanagh, Michael Higgins and Maximilian Le Cain have forged a defiantly personal and marginal cinema that is fast becoming recognized as "an important new direction" (Donal Foreman, Estudios Irlandeses) in Irish film. Sharing an exploratory approach to filmmaking where films emerge from the interplay of sound, image and atmosphere rather than traditional storytelling techniques, their work has been singled out for its radical formal qualities and poetic sensibility. Made with low or, most often, no budgets, this is filmmaking at its most challenging and independent.  

Now, for the first time, their archive of forty-three feature and medium length films is available on VOD to stream or download. Explore this unique catalogue of work here (http://goo.gl/4kISRc).

Any proceeds from the online rental or sale of these films will go towards funding future Experimental Film Society projects.


About the filmmakers:

Rouzbeh Rashidi

Rouzbeh Rashidi is an Iranian filmmaker based in Dublin. He has been making films since 2000 when he founded the Experimental Film Society in Tehran. Since then, he has worked completely apart from any mainstream conceptions of filmmaking. He strives to escape the stereotypes of conventional storytelling and instead roots his cinematic style in a poetic interaction of image and sound. He generally eschews scriptwriting, seeing the process of making moving images as exploration rather than illustration. His work is also deeply engaged with film history. Spooool (add link to Spool article) acclaimed his recent feature Ten Years in the Sun, premiered at this year's Dublin International Film Festival (JDIFF), as "a bold and unconventional film… One of the standout films from this year's JDIFF".  

Dean Kavanagh

Dean Kavanagh is an independent experimental filmmaker from Wicklow, Ireland. He became a member of the international filmmaking collective Experimental Film Society in 2008. Since then he has completed over 50 short films and 5 at feature length, which have been screened worldwide. His work is intensely visual, creating detailed atmospheres that respond to the interaction between space, time and the human body.  Rural and domestic themes diaphanously sheath a rigorously formalistic interplay between sound and image.

Michael Higgins

Dublin based Michael Higgins has been making films for ten years. He is interested in using the filmmaking process to rupture the reality of the everyday, bringing to light alternative ways of seeing and experiencing.  He has recently premiered his ninth feature film, At One Fell Swoop.

Maximilian Le Cain

Maximilian Le Cain is an experimental filmmaker based in Cork, Ireland. He makes cinematic ruins that tear themselves apart as they are put together. He frequently works in partnership with sound/performance artist Vicky Langan. He also has collaborative projects with Esperanza Collado (Operation Rewrite) and Karen Power (Gorging Limpet). He is currently completing post-production on the feature film Cloud of Skin.


Experimental Film Society is an independent, not-for-profit entity specializing in avant-garde, independent and no/low budget filmmaking. It was founded in 2000 in Tehran, Iran by Rouzbeh Rashidi and has been based in Dublin, Ireland since 2004. It unites works by eight filmmakers scattered across the globe, whose films are distinguished by an uncompromising devotion to personal, experimental cinema. Although an international organization, Experimental Film Society is notably at the centre of a new wave of Irish experimental filmmaking and crucial in fostering a radical emerging Iranian underground cinema.