Equinox: Masaki Matsushita & Yoichi Nagata

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  • THE AWAKING SPACE [覚醒空間] (Masaki Matsushita | 1971 | 10 min | Japan)
  • RAGTIME LAG (Masaki Matsushita | 1978 | 13 min | Japan)
  • THE ABSENCE OF FILMMAKER [作者の不在] (Masaki Matsushita | 1979-2018 | 8 min | Japan)
  • METHODS OF EGG-VIEWING [卵形凝視法] (Yoichi Nagata | 1973 | 17 min | Japan)
  • DISTANCE (Yoichi Nagata | 1975 | 1 min | Japan)
  • PARALLAX (Yoichi Nagata | 1975 | 3 min | Japan)
  • STILL MOVIE (Yoichi Nagata | 1978 | 3 min | Japan)

Masaki Matsushita (1950-2018) was a painter, designer, theoretician and filmmaker. He dropped out of Nihon University College of Art and Bigakko [美学校] to pursue his artistic vision. After his first film, “The eyeball space” in 1970, he made several structural films and presented them in experimental film screenings such as Japan Underground Cinematheque, HAIRO, and Shi-ne-in [死涅淫]. His masterpiece “22″ is a compilation of 22 three-minute short conceptual films (he called them “MM FILM”). He developed his original cinematic theory in his book “An introduction to the cinematic-mechanics” [映画機械学序説]. His films include The eyeball space [眼球空間] (1970), Three types of the ambiguity [意味の多様性の三類型] (1975), 22 (1975-2018), The Absence of Filmmaker [作者の不在] (1979-2018).

Born in Tokyo, Yoichi Nagata studied photography at Eikoh Hosoe’s workshop/photography school, and worked as photographer and photo editor for the magazine “Yu” at the publisher Kosakusha. Also as an experimental film artist, entered the work “Still Movie” in local and international film festivals. Worked as freelance photographer for magazines “Brutus” and “Tarzan” etc., and advertising assignments for various clients such as Shu Uemura, Shiseido, Benese Corporation, Sumitomo Metal Mining, Asahi Beer, Marui, Nikkei BP, Kashikey, and others. Advertising works are published in “Graphis Poster”, “Shu Uemura: The Man Who Transformed The Face And The World of Cosmetics”, “The Spirit of Creative Advertising by Nakatsuka Daisuke”, “Advertising Photography in Japan 1998, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2009” & Shiseido Gallery. Co Founder & Editor in Chief of Fraction Magazine Japan from 2011.


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