...Like Clockwork (A Podcast of Chicago Filmmakers) Premieres February 10th, 2023

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Chicago Filmmakers presents
…Like Clockwork (A Podcast)

PREMIERES February 10th, 2023 at 5:00PM CT - Live Broadcast
Published online on Valentine’s Day

Every Friday at 5:00PM CT we’ll be hosting artists, curators, filmmakers, documentarians, writers, thinkers, critics… for a round table discussion on film & time-based visual media, expansive artistic practices, criticism, philosophy, life, and anything that makes them tick.

Follow Chicago Filmmakers' Instagram accounts: @onioncityfilmfest , @reelingfilmfest , and @chicagofilmmakers as we continue to share more information. Visit www.onioncityfilmfest.org , www.chicagofilmmakers.org or www.vimeo.com/chicagofilmmakers2 where we'll be hosting a stream of the live show before publishing the podcast on Valentine's Day!

We’ll keep sharing more details as we get ready for our first live series, but here’s a partial list of the phenomenal guests confirmed…

INCLUDING (with Instagram handles)

Harold Offeh @harold_offeh
Rebecca Fons @rfonzie
Amos Poe @amos.poe
Valerie Asiimwe Amani @ardonaxela
Michelle Chu @in_a_crinoline
Andrea Florens @andrea_florens
Raul Benitez @raulito_b
Charles de Agustin @charlesdeagustin
Paige Taul @paigetaul
Kat Scully @kscullyxp
Stephanie Barber @stephanie_m_barber
Floyd Webb @floydwebb
Sara Suárez @metempsychosis
Karissa Hahn @karissahahn____
Nicky Ni @mllecolettex
Film Diary @filmdiarynyc
Saint Piñero stmarkspl
Sage Ó Tuama @sage720p
Pat King @laughingpants
Priyanka Das @das.priyanka.das
Sonnie Wooden @sonniewooden
Grace Schuler @gracekschuler
Ji Stribling @ji.s99
Christina Santa Cruz @christinasantacruz
Daniel Watkins @d.anielwaaa
Chestnut @chestnutnoise
Stefano Miraglia @stemiraglia @movimcat
Dalina A. Perdomo Álvarez @curadoraboricua
Bruce Posner
David Finkelstein
Jason Livingston
And More to be Announced!

Hosted by M. Woods of Chicago Filmmakers @numbspiral

Email: [email protected] if you're a member of the international or local Chicago film community and would like to inquire about the podcast (including guest spots.)


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