2014 Avant-Garde Masters Grant Winners

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The National Film Preservation Foundation has just announced its 2014 grant winners:

Anthology Film Archives (New York) - Globe (1971), Ken Jacobs' 3D view of the streets of Binghamton, New York.

Bard College (New York) - FF (1986), Julie Murray’s assemblage of rephotographed images from pop culture. - Tr’cheot’my P’sy (1988), Julie Murray’s fast-paced feminist collage. - A Legend of Parts (1988), parodic history of civilization by Julie Murray, assembled from found footage and 3D postcards. - Conscious (1993), Julie Murray’s collage of educational and science films.

New York University (New York) - Simonland (1984), Tommy Turner’s absurdist parody of televangelism, made with Richard Kern. - Rat Trap (1985), Tommy Turner and Tessa Hughes-Freeland’s examination of the perils of substance abuse.

UCLA Film & Television Archive (California) - The Books of Ed Ruscha (ca. 1969), tongue-in-cheek reading of the artist’s books by musician Mason Williams.

Wisconsin Center for Film and Theater Research (Wisconsin) - Butterfly (1967), abstract Vietnam war protest by Shirley Clarke and her daughter Wendy. - 24 Frames Per Second (1977), Shirley Clarke’s rapid-fire montage of classic Persian miniatures.

In 2003 The Film Foundation joined forces with the National Film Preservation Foundation to create the Avant-Garde Masters Grants, the first grant program targeting the preservation of masterworks of American experimental cinema. The awards have made it possible for filmmakers to partner with archives to preserve their works as they were intended to be seen. Each grant not only protects the film with a new preservation master but also provides for new copies for study and exhibition.