Film (Parkour) at Yale University

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Film (Parkour) at Yale University
December 8, 2009; 7:00PM
New Haven, CT
Yale University (212 York)

Film (Parkour) by Christopher May
(2008-2009, 16mm & Super-8, sound & silent, 24fps & 18fps, Argentina, Austria, U.S.)

“... folky but experimental tinge, paid off well - both images and sound, projector and instrument shared a rawness that matched perfectly and gave the personalities onscreen an added layer of meaning which at times was warm, funny, odd, contrasting, insightful...” -Sam Natch, Buenos Aires, argentina

"We know that this is the first time in history that this type of Parkour material makes it into film; and this project does an incredible job at highlighting the deepest values that move our lives, leaving behind all superficiality." -Walter Bongard, founder PKA, Asociación Argentina de Le Parkour

"Triumphant!...capturing traceurs' in their element, playing and human, rather than objects of advertisement ....a slight undercurrent of sensuous intimacy.. the lens found and lingered on the traceurs' genuine smiles, the tip of the ear or the playfulness in both movement and pause." - Michelle Duer, writer