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B3 is presenting an exhibition about yann beauvais's 40 years of activist, within experimental cinema and video art, since 1974. The show is curated by Jean-Michel Bouhours (Curator from Modern Art National Museum Historical Dept- Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris) and will be on display for 3 months from November 22nd 2104 to February 22nd 2015. For yann beauvais: Making experimental cinema is taking into account both an undervalued story, but also examine how non-narrative, are breaking with historical patterns of narration from a linear support: the movie.

The exhibition is taking places in two locations : B³ and MAMAM no Patio. Within B³ the focus is on film documents and sounds showing the different aspect of yann beauvais involvement through his filmmaking, installations and activism promoting and fighting for experimental films during these 40 years. 
7 works  from filmmakers were sent or created as a Potlatch.  (Films by Cécile Fontaine, Mike Hoolboom, Thomas Köner, Malcolm Le Grice, Rose Lowder, photo by Matthias Müller and a collage by Barbara Hammer).
 No MAMAM no Pátio a series of films shows will be re-screened and introduced by the filmmaker.

The programs are:
Sound experiences and experimental films, Paris, Le Louvre, Du Muet au parlant, June 2004

- French experimental films from the twenties, Tokyo, Image Forum, December 1998

- Chinese Films, Berlin Arsenal, November 2004

- Alibis Cinematographic extension, Paris, Centre Georges Pompidou, July 1984

- Sex, Paris, Scratch Projection, January 1997
Valie Export in Context, Recife B3, May 2013

A bilingual catalogue (English-Portuguese) with text by Jean-Michel Bouhours, Maria do Carmo de Siqueira Nino and yann beauvais will be published at this moment. The site of the artist has been actualized for the show www.yannbeauvais.com

yann beauvais is a filmmaker who since the beginning of its practices has always asserted as an artist, the necessity to create space to promote experimental films, as he did with the distribution cooperative Light Cone in 1982 in Paris (www.lightcone.org), or curating series in different countries since 1978, or within the creation of the project Bcubico in 2011 in Recife (www.bcubico.com).

Films screened within B3:
- Quatr’un 1976-91 8′
- d’un couvre-feu 2006 11′
Luchando 2011 62′

- Quatr'un 2000
- Tu, sempre 2001
- Indices 2004

Opening: November 22sd 2014 from 5 to 9PM

B3, Rua Marquês do Herval 202,  2°, Santo Antonio, Recife, PE

Opening hours: from 4 to 8 pm Thursday to Saturday or by appointments.
tel : +55 81 – 9830.2285 / 8712.4950

MAMAM no Pátio
, Pátio de São Pedro, 17 
Recife PE 
tel : +55 81 3355.6764


B Cúbico - Recife, Brasil


Jueves, Noviembre 13, 2014 - 22:15



Jueves, Noviembre 13, 2014 - 22:15


  • Marques do Herval, 202
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