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VISIONS, in collaboration with Fabrique Monde and Film POP, presents TERROR NULLIUS by Soda Jerk.
January 12th at 7 pm at la lumière collective!
2018 | numérique | couleur | son | 54 mins
Part political satire, eco-horror and road movie, TERROR NULLIUS is a political revenge fable constructed entirely from samples pirated from the Australian cinema cannon. Binding together a documentary impulse with speculative fictions, Soda Jerk’s feature remix offers an incendiary un-writing of Australian national mythologies.The apocalyptic desert camps of Mad Max 2 become the site of refugee detention, flesh-eating sheep are recast as anti-colonial insurgents and the women of Australian cinema go vigilante on Mel Gibson. Funded by the Ian Potter Moving Image Commission in 2016, TERROR NULLIUS was disowned by the organisation just days prior to the film’s premiere in 2018. Offended by its politics, the Ian Potter’s Board of Trustees described the work as “a very controversial piece of art” and “unAustralian”. The Guardian named the “dizzyingly ambitious satirical work” one of the best Australian films of the decade.

Soda Jerk is an artist duo who make sample-based experimental films with a rogue documentary impulse. They are fundamentally interested in the politics of images; how they circulate, whom they benefit and how they can be undone. Formed in Sydney in 2002, they’ve been based in New York since 2012. They were founders of the Australian chapter of the anti-copyright initiative Missionary Church of Kopimism and have collaborated on projects with the cyberfeminist art collective VNX Matrix and electronic music group The Avalanches. Soda Jerk’s new feature Hello Dankness (2022) is a suburban stoner musical that bears witness to the psychotropic spectacle of American politics from 2016 to 2021. It follows their controversial political revenge fable TERROR NULLIUS (2018)

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la lumière collective - Montréal, Canadá


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