VISIONS 11.10.15: Richard Kerr + Michaela Grill + Emmanuel Lefrant

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VISIONS in collaboration with the Festival du nouveau cinéma presents : Richard Kerr + Michaela Grill + Emmanuel Lefrant (16mm, 35mm, 60mins)

Shot in the deserts of the American Southwest, Kerr’s The Last Days of Contrition (1988) is a poetic, harrowing vision of the apocalyptic consequences of militarism and the bankruptcy of the American ideal. The film is set after the fall. Disembodied voices prophesize and attest over a swirling ménage of unsettling desert landscapes, weaponry and dystopian nationalist symbolism. Richard Kerr’s film is followed by shorts by Emmanuel Lefrant (France) and Michaela Grill (Austria). Lefrant’s film work is based on abstraction being apprehended as landscape — a landscape that is the actor or producer of emotions and subjective experiences. The films are based on the idea of representing or revealing an invisible world, a nature that one does not see, through the secret forms of the emulsion. Grill builds her work via the digital format, which she considers the most radical form for rethinking the film image. Her videos, a skillful synergy between image and sound, address the question of cinematic perception and its reduction into abstract forms.

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Domingo, Octubre 11, 2015 - 19:00
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