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Video Art Miden continues its online screenings in February, presenting 4 online video art programs accessible during the whole month, this time focusing on collaborations: the artistic directors of two very interesting and notable festivals, PROYECTOR from Spain (art director: Mario Gutiérrez Cru) and Over The Real from Italy (art director: Maurizio Marco Tozzi), are invited to present their selections, while Evi Stamou & Pietro Radin are invited to make a videopoetry selection and Olga & Gioula Papadopoulou curate a video tribute to the Balkans.

The programs will remain open 1-28 of February 2021 at Video Art Miden youtube channel.

More specifically, the online screenings include the following programs:

Just before the earthquake // Curated by Evi Stamou & Pietro Radin
The selection "Just before the earthquake" consists of 10 videos that bridge the gap between film and literary image. Composing works that successfully mimic the simplicity of the short poetic form, the creators present visual haikus and epigrams, cinematic short stories and imaginative transcriptions of lyric poetry on the screen, while anthologizing aspects of our old and new normality, from the paradoxical magic of everyday life imagery to the moments of existential agony that give birth to the political impasse and oppression.

  • Vojtěch Domlátil, Yuku Aki, Czech Republic/Japan 2018, 8.00
  • Markela Kontaratou, Opheliac, UK 2019, 3.34
  • Showna Kim, ‘AM I?’, ‘I AM?’, South Korea 2017, 1.20
  • Rossella Nisio, The Splintering Sun, Netherlands 2018, 5.42
  • Muriel Montini, Haïku d’été(5) Simmer’s haiku (5), France 2019, 3.20
  • Danai Kriki, Stories of Eggsile, Greece 2019-20, 12.00
  • Sally Waterman, Syncopation, UK 2017, 4.02
  • Muriel Montini, Haïku d’hiver(9) Winter’s haiku (9), France 2019, 5.00
  • Ivo Krankowski, Interrogation, UK & Poland 2018, 1.08
  • Panos Mazarakis, A brief letter from La Paz, Greece 2019, 1.41

Flying over the Balkans // Curated by Olga & Gioula Papadopoulou
Artists from and artists inspired by Balkan countries meet in a video art selection dedicated to the Balkans: a world full of contradictions, alive and mourning, poetic and historically wounded. A world that has suffered and endured consecutive wars and crises, a world constantly struggling to express its personality in adversity.

The selection presents 11 different artists and groups who originate or live (or visited in order to create their works there) in different countries & regions of the Balkan Peninsula: Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Romania, Slovenia, North Macedonia, Bulgaria and Greece.

Ghosts, politicians, symbols of power, a woman that talks to the dead, a dancing shaman, traces of memories, war images, a group of people bounded together by duct tape, glitched, grey and colorful everyday life sceneries, a man winning over himself in a game, a woman constructing and deconstructing herself in a mirror, meet in a video art program that challenges us to discover the multiple layers of the present reality of the Balkans.

Through a variety of forms and concepts, the selected works create an existential and historical mosaic researching the current conditions, but also the memories and the historical scars that influence the way we think about the Balkans today.

  • Nenad Nedeljkov, F_station, Serbia 2020, 1.15
  • Diana Poput, FINESTRE (Windows), Romania 2018, 7.46
  • L.reducta dance project (Xanthippi Papadopoulou-Panos Boudouroglou), Prêt a porter, Greece 2014, 3.00
  • Sophie Atkins, This Is Not Our Horse, North Macedonia 2019, 2.37
  • Milos Peskir, Resonant Rust, Serbia, 2018, 3.00
  • Alex Faoro & Helena Deda, Ditët e Luftës (Days of War), USA 2019, 3.18
  • Alexandra Bouge, The Trial, France 2019, 6.33
  • Wild Pear Arts, I Have a Song to Sing You (Imam pesmu da vam pevam), Serbia/UK, 2018, 5.40
  • Melina Peña, Ha Llegao la Hora (The Time has Come), Bosnia & Herzegovina 2018, 7.36
  • Nenad Nedeljkov, The Player, Serbia 2019, 6.03
  • Silvia De Gennaro, Travel Notebooks: Kardzhali Bulgaria, Italy 2016, 2.12
  • Lea Jazbec, Self - portrait - Behind the reflection 01, Slovenia 2016, 8.13

Over The Real: Hic et nunc [Here and now] // Curated by Maurizio Marco Tozzi
Hic et Nunc is a call on the individual to become aware of our course forward on Earth.
The ten women artists awaken through their videos the necessity of an essential change, one that’s stirred from deep within the self, but evolves outward in search of its role to effect.

The works raise an unfailing question that starts deep within our consciousness that the artists direct both to themselves and to the spectators.

All this is reflected in each of us in different ways having to overcome the difficulties of defining the self while reaching for a more in-depth search. An introspection that reveals a path of change for which, sometimes before looking ahead, we must immerse ourselves in our heart, consciously replacing ourselves in the external environment, focusing on the constant dystonia / harmony between the world of nature and the world of man. Hic et Nunc is a deep and personal journey that invites us to rediscover ourselves through an analysis of the world we share, and how we can contribute to steering it back on course.
Maurizio Marco Tozzi is a curator of contemporary art, founder and director of Over The Real - International Festival of Video Art (Italy).

  • claRa apaRicio yoldi – Phoebus, 2017, 4'34
  • Angelica Bergamini - Will you fight or will you dance, 2012, 6'49
  • Sofia Bersanelli – Improvisaciòn, 2018, 3'56
  • Rachel Frank - Rewilding Platte Clove, 2014, 4'51
  • Hope Ginsburg - Land Dive Team: Bay of Fundy, 2016, 7'08
  • Erika Lynne Hanson - Selenite Dunes (It Keeps Moving, But We Are Here), 2016, 5'15
  • Eleonora Manca - Vedersi visti (da qui, sottrai), 2018, 2'28
  • Alberta Pellacani - Walk on water, 2016, 3'22
  • Isabel Pérez del Pulgar – OTREAD, 2018, 4'04
  • Lisi Prada – Deriva Escópica (Scopic Drive), 2015, 4'00

PROYECTOR 2020: Best off // Curated by Mario Gutiérrez Cru
PROYECTOR is a renowned platform based in Madrid, Spain, destined to spread art emphasizing on its experimental, contemporary, committed nature. PROYECTOR festival has the participation of artists, curators and festivals from around of the world. Its programming is composed of video installations (single-channel, multichannel, interactive), interventions, projections in the public space, performances, talks, meetings, workshops and conferences.

The “Best off” of the latest edition of PROYECTOR in 2020 is an one-hour selection of video art, made with great care, given the restrictions of an online streaming and although perhaps the concept of PROYECTOR as a festival is mostly defined by the video installations. Even so, the program serves as an example of works of commitment with very different themes as well as methods, durations or concepts necessary to understand the 2020 video creation.

The program is curated by Mario Gutiérrez Cru, art director of PROYECTOR.

  • GLENDA LEÓN, Hablando con Dios, 5:27, 2018
  • SHIR HANDELSMAN, Recitative, 4:57, 2019
  • GREGORIO MÉNDEZ SÁEZ, Hel City, 10:45, 2019
  • ANA CAETANO, Metamorphosis #1, 9:14, 2019
  • EDUARDO BALANZA, La Fragilidad de Habitar, 14:00, 2018
  • LUCIANO SCHERER & MAÍRA FLORES, Sin Título (Reflejos), 5:00, 2018
  • ILARIA DI CARLO, La via divina, 15:00, 2018
  • RICARDO MORENO, La caída de un general, 3:24, 2019

The programs will be available online on Video Art Miden's youtube channel from 1 to 28 of February 2021.

Also, since December, Video Art Miden presents the video art program "EARTHLINGS: Snapshots from the End", curated by Evi Stamou & Pietro Radin, at mink festival, an online festival created to explore the environmental, social and psychological consequences of the pandemic, till 21 of March 2021, on

Participant artists: Kristian Xipolias, Dante Albanesi, Isabelle Nouzha, Shelly Silver, Alina Vasilchenko, Gabriele Rossi, Maya Connors, Przemek Węgrzyn, Shelly Silver, Eleni Magklara, Stelios Papiemidoglou & Efi Roufagala.

Video Art Miden’s youtube channel link:

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De Lunes, Febrero 1, 2021 (Todo el día) hasta Domingo, Febrero 28, 2021 (Todo el día)



De Lunes, Febrero 1, 2021 (Todo el día) hasta Domingo, Febrero 28, 2021 (Todo el día)