Valentina Alvarado Matos: Collage Traces and Shards

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Los Angeles Filmforum and LA OLA present
Valentina Alvarado Matos: Collage Traces and Shards
Sunday March 26, 2023, 7:30 pm
At 2220 Arts + Archives, 2220 W. Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles CA 90057
Full info:
In person: Valentina Alvarado Matos
Eight US premieres, two Los Angeles premieres!
Tickets: $12 general, $8 students/seniors, free for Filmforum members
Masks are still required at Filmforum shows - N95 or KN95.

For the two-day symposium Precarity in Cinema, coming later this week, the artist Valentina Alvarado Matos will be coming to Los Angeles from Spain.  Filmforum and LA OLA are delighted to host her first solo program in the United States.
Filming the outer (landscape/territories/geographies) and the inner (studio life, hands, affections) is a constant conversation Valentina Alvarado has with her camera. Her practice focuses on collage, understood as a vessel that houses elements like paper, film, ceramics, and multiple media. She thinks from and with the image and its materiality, always traversed from a look that revolves around the landscape, belongingness, and matter.
Valentina Alvarado Matos (1986, Maracaibo)
Her pieces have been shown at Conde Duque, Oberhausen, Salzburger Kunstverein, Fabra i Coats, Arts Santa Mònica, Viennale, IFFR, Punto de Vista, Xcèntric, SF Cinemateque, (S8), LOOP Festival, Cineteca Madrid, and Filmoteca de Catalunya, among others. She has been a resident at La Escocesa, Cultura Resident, The Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto, and Matadero Madrid. Her films are part of the catalog of the distributor Light Cone.  Currently she is an artist in residence at Hangar, Barcelona.
“The collages of Alvarado's films have as an outstanding characteristic that they record their own construction with their hands, which repeatedly appear in the field. It is not just a question of revealing the mechanisms of the creation of the work but of representing her constant recreation of herself and her place in her world as an immigrant. In this way, the image is also presented as the result of an activity that is not "fixed" but rather in movement of the film. The clippings with which she creates compositions in front of the camera do not end up stuck on any paper.
“Alvarado also makes use of a characteristic resource of the search for a subjective gaze of the French Impressionist avant-garde: the intervention and distortion of the image interposing elements between the filmed object and the camera. The medium that he uses for this purpose are glasses on which he pours oil to create the effect he seeks. He also paints on them, "remaking" by hand the image that is mechanically recorded on the film support. This includes, at various levels, the subtle intervention of his filmed self-portrait.” – Pablo Gamba, desistfilm,
Special thanks to the team at LA OLA; Noraeden Mora Mendez, and Erin Graff Zivin.


Chances de Luz
2017 / Super 8mm to digital / b&w / sound / 3:57
US Premiere
A film of captured moments of lights and shadows during power outages dueto the political situation.
Cruce Postal: Del otro nuevo viaje
2015 16mm / Telecine HD / color  / sonido (Carlos Vásquez Méndez), 4:54
Los Angeles premiere
Trópico Desvaído
2016 / Super 8 / Color / Telecine HD / Sonido / 6:10
Los Angeles premiere
In Trópico desvaído (2016… the image-sound relationship becomes relevant in collage. The voice of a girl off camera, accidentally caught, “interrupts” the shooting with questions about who she is and what she does. They are also heard in the short from the song of the bird that in Venezuela is called cristofué, and that allows anyone who knows the country to quickly locate the image, to drums that are emblematic of the region. - Pablo Gamba, translated from Spanish
Levantamiento de una isla
2017 / Super 8 / Color / Telecine HD / Sound / 5:27
US premiere
Carta II a Nazli Dincel (Letter to Nazli Dincel II)
2020 / Super 8 - Telecine HD / Color / Sound (Carlos Vásquez Méndez) / 4:04
US premiere
Se puede deletrear la hoja?
2022 / 16mm / Color / 8:03
US premiere
Carta Nazli IV (Letter to Nazli Dincel IV)
2020 / Super 8 - Telecine HD / color / Sound / 3:55
US premiere
2021 / Super 8 / B&W / Sound / 13:48
US premiere
El mar peinó a la orilla
2019 / Super 8 / Color / HD / 4:52
US premiere
Propiedades de una esfera paralela (Properties of a Parallel Sphere)
2020 / 2x16 mm / Color / Silent / 16:31
Propiedades de una esfera paralela (Properties of a Parallel Sphere)
US premiere
"...The “parallel” in the title has an explicit reference to the simultaneous “montage” of the images from the two 16 mm projectors. This makes the comparison the main figure of the piece, as occurs with the paper collage and the image of reality in the respective channels, for example. The theme is also related to the condition of an emigrant from Venezuela: the tropicalization of Canada, which Alvarado seeks by sweeping with her hands to discover, in the snow, leaves and colored objects." - Pablo Gamba, translated from Spanish, desistfilm,


2220 Arts + Archives - Los Angeles, Estados Unidos


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