Underneath the Floorboards Visual Arts Night 6th edition

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Underneath the Floorboards 6th edition showing free online from the 1st of Oct till 11th Nov via Visual Arts Container:


We have collaborated with an online channel to bring together UK and international visual artists from around the world. We focus on presenting work from artists who express themselves in an experimental, innovative and non-linear manner. showcasing a wide range of work from people from different ethnic, class, gender and sexual orientated backgrounds who cover a wide range of subjects.

Our goal is showcase novel inventive contemporary, avant-garde work that creates a new and innovative language which transcends the realms of linear visual expression.


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Underneath the Floorboards visual arts night



De Jueves, Octubre 1, 2020 (Todo el día) hasta Miércoles, Noviembre 11, 2020 (Todo el día)