ULTRAcinema X: Mexican Experimental Cinema at la lumière collective

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la lumière collectve presents ULTRAcinema X: Mexican Experimental Cinema on november 11th at 7:30 pm.

ULTRAcinema is an experimental film and found footage festival that has been held in Mexico for 10 years. The festival is run by the Société des Ambianceurs et des Personnes Elegants and showcases non-commercial, experimental film and video works.  In particular, the festival is dedicated to the exhibition of works by emerging and established filmmakers exploring experimental audiovisual genres such as: essay, poem, dance, performance, music, ritual, abstract, avant-garde, confessional, archival, documentary, as well as any techniques, formats, or strategies that involve appropriation.  The festival has a special interest in artistic works released under creative commons licenses.

This program is a survey of recent experimental film and video made in Mexico. The works in this program were exhibited at the 10th anniversary of ULTRAcinema. The theme of the festival for this year was Hacker Edition. Given the recent global lockdowns and quarantines, the festival was looking at artistic responses to a world reduced to the size of your home, a world where our interactions are mediated by a computer.

- Aprendiendo a cantar [Learning to Sing]
Carolina Meza | 2021 | 4 mins
In a beautiful landscape, a teenage girl tries to catch a wave in the sea. A juxtaposition of poetry and personal found footage.

- Trayectos [Paths]
Verónica Marín Cienfuegos | 2020 | 10 mins
Trajectories, routines, rules. Pandemic isolation from an autobiographical point of view. With the help of archival material and her own photographs, life in confinement transforms into an intimate portrait that solidifies identity.

- El Peticionario (Ejercicio # 1) [The Petitioner (Exercise #1)]
Edén Bastida Kullick | 2021 | 8 mins
The first exercise to rearm an unfinished film about the land grabbing struggles in the city of Monterrey, which encompassed much of the energy of the working people during the 1970s. This film attempts to narrate an assembly within the Popular Land Front and Freedom and the incorporation of a family to the movement.

- Bienvenido a Habbo Hotel [Welcome to Habbo Hotel]
Anna Karen Miranda Ayuso | 2020 | 7 mins
It’s the most amazing place in the world! Take a vacation without leaving the comfort of your own home.

- Lo inaudito [The Unheard Of]
Valeria Vicente | 2020 | 17 mins
“The sound of the moon orbiting.”
“The sound of light when it bends.”

The unheard. The memory of the finite, an experimental video that confronts us with the melancholy of confinement and the obsolescence, which seems programmed, from day to day, the coexistence with one’s own space, the passing of days, movement, calm, slow.

- Colonizador incrustado [Embedded Colonizer]
Marcela Cuevas Ríos | 2021 | 2 mins
A video poem about colonialism and cannibalism.

- Las brigadas negras [The Black Brigades]
Arian Sánchez, Macarena Hernández Abreu | 2019 | 10 mins
What lies beyond those blackened memories? Our memories are infected by violent images that are infused into our imaginary. This film is an intervention of Tlatelolco, to take back this public space and heal its memories of murder.

- Antropos
Carolina Jaschack | 2021 |  5 mins
A video-essay constructed from found footage that criticizes the concept of anthropocentric progress and the scientific/technological development that for centuries has justified the exploitation of natural resources, proposing an end to the known in order to imagine, build and inhabit new worlds.

- El Color del Mar [The Colour of the Sea]
Gabriela Granados Quiroz | 2021 | 5 mins
After several years of being married with children, a mother remembers her feelings for a secret, platonic love of her youth.

- Filmador e hijo [Filmmaker and Son]
Antonio Bunt | 2018 | 4 mins
The immature son of a film studio owner begins work at a film restoration lab. Hijinx ensues.


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