Two or Three Things I Know About Latin America

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July 10–16 at Arsenal Cinema and b_books Berlin

The porous and shifting understanding of film forms in Latin America has continually blended with other unstable categories such as “avant-garde,” “experimental,” “militant,” “documentary,” and “Third Cinema.” Glauber Rocha, filmmaker and theorist of the cinema novo, wrote in a 1971 manifesto that “a work of revolutionary art should not only act in an immediately political way, but should also promote philosophical speculation, thus create an aesthetic of eternal human movement towards cosmic integration.” What sort of cinema might complete this tall order remained (and remains) an open question.

Exploring the extensive collection of Latin American films in Arsenal’s archives, this five-part program is cross-pollinated with selections from Ism, Ism, Ism, Jesse Lerner and Luciano Piazza's previous curatorial collaboration. It aims to respond to Rocha’s call, offering some possible paths to a revolutionary, speculative cinema of “cosmic integration,” in some of its more expansive, militant, psychedelic, ironic, playful, formalist, and contemplative modes.

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At b_books, Lübbener Str. 14, Berlin-Kreuzberg:
Wednesday, July 10th, introduction: Jesse Lerner and Luciano Piazza
*22 DE MAYO Jacobo Borges Venezuela 1969 16 mm OV 34’
COTORRA 2 Rolando Peña Venezuela 1976 OV/enS 10’
Alongside the films, there will be a book presentation of Jesse Lerner and Luciano Piazza's „Ism, Ism, Ism / Ismo, Ismo, Ismo: Experimental Cinema in Latin America“.

At Arsenal:
Thursday, July 11th, 7pm, with a talk by Isabel Arredondo
*ORINOKO, NUEVO MUNDO Diego Rísquez Venezuela 1984 35 mm no dialogue 100’

Thursday, July 11th, 9.15pm, introduction: Jesse Lerner and Luciano Piazza
*AMÉRIKA, TERRA INCÓGNITA Diego Rísquez Venezuela 1988 35 mm no dialogue 90’

Monday, July 15th, 7.30pm, introduction: Jesse Lerner and Luciano Piazza
*LA HORA DE LOS HORNOS Santiago Álvarez Cuba 1968 35 mm OV/enS 21’
*LAVRA-DOR Ana Carolina, Paulo Rufino Brazil 1968 35 mm OV/enS 10’
*COLOMBIA 70 Carlos Álvarez Columbia 1970 16 mm OV 5’
*ME GUSTAN LOS ESTUDIANTES Mario Handler Uruguay 1968 OV/enS 6’
*CARACAS: DOS O TRES COSAS Ugo Ulive Venzuela 1969 16 mm OV 16’
POBRE DEL CANTOR Taller Independiente de Cine Experimental Mexico 1978 OV/enS 2’
*FOUND CUBAN MOUNTS Adriana Salazar Arroyo Costa Rica/D 2010 16 mm no dialogue 7’

Tuesday, July 16th, 7.30pm, introduction: Jesse Lerner and Luciano Piazza
*PATIO Glauber Rocha Brazil 1959 16 mm no dialogue 13’
BLUES TROPICAL Poli Marichal Puerto Rico 1982 OV/enS 4’
UMBRALES Marie Louise Alemann Argentinia 1980 no dialogue 19’
ISM, ISM Manuel DeLanda USA 1979 no dialogue 6’
ESPLENDOR DO MARTÍRIO Sérgio Péo Brasilien 1974 no dialogue 10’
JÍCAMA Salvador Díaz Zubieta, Oscar Santos Mexiko 1970 OV/enS 7’

*prints from the archives of Arsenal

All introductions in English.

A film series in the framework of "Archive außer sich".

More about the film programme and publication "Ism, Ism, Ism / Ismo, Ismo, Ismo" here:



De Miércoles, Julio 10, 2019 (Todo el día) hasta Martes, Julio 16, 2019 (Todo el día)



De Miércoles, Julio 10, 2019 (Todo el día) hasta Martes, Julio 16, 2019 (Todo el día)
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