Turbidus Film #12: Dragonflies with Birds and Snake

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Wolfgang Lehmann's Dragonflies with Birds and Snake is a powerfully vibrant film based on zoological and educational footage of insects, birds, and amphibians. The structural montage of the film, with small repititive variations and flicker effects, creating its own spatial and temporal essence.

”A menagerie of semiotic editing techniques employed during this exercise allows the marshy world of the dragonfly to unfold before us: dragonfly larvae hatch, whilst mere frames later, a bird slowly devours an adult specimen. We see bird and prey gradually merge forms, holding a constant value of image as all other areas of the frame flicker between positive and negative image, blue sky or green grass.”


6:30PM - Doors Open

7:00PM - Film Screening
- Film Diary (Daniel A. Swarthnas, 2015, super-8 transferred to digital file, 10'30)
A travel diary of sorts, shot on super-8 and mainly edited in camera, Daniel A. Swarthnas short Film Diary, 2015, is a loosely structured but richly layered mosaic of glimpses, impressions, peoples, landscapes and architectural stratifications collected during a trip throughout southern France during the summer of 2014. And still, “Film Diary” is not just a piece about one journey, its stylized projection is a recall of place expanding past the horizon of the present or of any particular past.
Premiere: L'Âge d'Or festival, Brussel, Oct 2015

- Dragonflies with Birds and Snake / Trollsländor Med Fåglar Och Orm (Wolfgang Lehmann, 2007-2012, 16 mm transferred to digital file, 60'00)
Dragonflies with Birds and Snake is documentation and a meditation, a pure visual space of vibrant images and a travel in a world we never have a chance to “come in to”. The title says it all; the work is an imaginative world of insects consisting of images, combined with birds, as there are toads and snakes to see. The theme is the eternal cycle of life, birth, sex and death. The structure of the film images is constant change. DRAGONFLIES WITH BIRDS AND SNAKE is a composition of images and contains of many frames of 16 mm film. Some images are self-recorded, others are taken from scientific film material and combining the images like in a collage, DRAGONFLIES WITH BIRDS AND SNAKE examines the mysterial grey zone of image and imagination. The film has no text, no sound – it is only visual!

8:30 PM
Q&A and talk between Wolfgang Lehmann, Daniel A. Swarthnas and Martin Grennberger (in swedish).

Wolfgang Lehmann (Germany/Sweden, 1967- )
Since 1994 Wolfgang Lehmann has realised and produced his own films, many of which were invited for showings at festivals and museums in Europe, Japan, Korea, India, Bangladesh, Israel, Australia, Canada, USA and South America. Retrospectives were shown in Berlin, Frankfurt/Main and Cagliari (Sardinia).
Since the beginning of his artistic activity, he has not only been fascinated by film and image but music as well. Since his first film with music Fontaine de Vaucluse (2001, together with Florian Krautkrämer / Music by Thomas Gerwin), Lehmann has been searching for a way to combine and connect picture and sound equivalent without using the traditional - and in his eyes dissatisfying - method of synchronisation. The ECLAT Festival commission, Meer (Sea), conceived with Telemach Wiesinger as well as with composer Misato Mochizuki, was a further development toward the connection of image and sound.
In his films Lehmann makes use mostly of documentary material; these include pictures of landscapes and themes from the urban space and from cities. His works can be characterised by an exact and often rhythmic-like montage, as well as extremely short takes that result in overlapping images. After living for a brief period in Berlin, Lehmann has resided in Stockholm with his wife and his son since 2006.

Daniel A. Swarthnas (Sweden)
Daniel A. Swarthnas lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden. He has been a film- and videomaker since 2005. He is interested in film as a materialistic and functional problem, exploring spatial, visual and physical displacements, and has made several films based on repetition, flicker and strata.
Swarthnas is the creator of Turbidus Film where he curate screenings with experimental film in Stockholm. He works at Filmform - The Art Film & Video Archive, is a part of the production board at Fylkingen, and has recently been editor (together with Martin Greenberger, Magasinet Walden) on the issue “On Film” for the Swedish conceptual magazine OEI.


Fylkingen - Stockholm, Suecia


De Viernes, Abril 8, 2016 - 19:00 hasta Sábado, Abril 9, 2016 - 18:55



De Viernes, Abril 8, 2016 - 19:00 hasta Sábado, Abril 9, 2016 - 18:55


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