Try a Little Tenderness - 9 Films About Being Vulnerable

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Another Experiment By Women 
presents a show with guest curator Sasha Waters Freyer

Try a Little Tenderness is a selection of old and new works in 16mm film and video about being vulnerable – exposed and unsafe.  Susceptible, yet ready.  The program is a personal and collective response to the ontology of artistic canons in and of themselves.  It presents a selection of works that cross and expose the boundaries by including Net Art, music video, performance-documentation and video art alongside more traditional approaches to experimental cinema.  These nine works address, in very different ways and formats, acts of being naked to the world – the human body in search of love, food, adventure or acceptance; the human challenge to “acceptable” conduct based on race and gender stereotypes. Try It  –  Try a Little Tenderness.  With works by Greta Snider, Kelly Gallagher, Tova Mozard, Ira Eduardovna, Jennifer Chan, Alma Alloro, Laurel Nakadate, Leslie Hall, Roger Beebe and Sasha Waters Freyer.


  • Portland (Greta Snider, 1996, 12 minutes)
  • Our Summer Made Her Light Escape (Sasha Waters Freyer, 2012, 5 minutes)
  • Pearl Pistols (Kelly Gallagher, 2014, 3 minutes)
  • Song About The Futility Of The Human Endeavor (Tova Mozard, 2006, 6 minutes)
  • Alpha Girls (Alma Alloro and Jennifer Chan, 2014, 4 minutes)
  • To Prague With Love (Ira Eduardovna, 2014, 12 minutes)
  • Untitled (Laurel Nakadate, 2010, 7 minutes)
  • Tight Pants/Body Rolls (Leslie Hall, 2010, 3 minutes)
  • Historia Calamitatum (The Story Of My Misfortunes), Part 2: The Crying Game (Roger Beebe, 2014, 22 minutes)


Anthology Film Archives - Nueva York, Estados Unidos


De Miércoles, Octubre 14, 2015 - 06:00 hasta Jueves, Octubre 15, 2015 - 05:55



De Miércoles, Octubre 14, 2015 - 06:00 hasta Jueves, Octubre 15, 2015 - 05:55
  • 32 2nd Avenue
    10003   New York, Nueva York
    Estados Unidos
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