Troubling the Image: Re-Framings - Stitched & Collaged

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The five-program series "Troubling the Image: New + Restored Experimental Cinema" features an eclectic and wide-ranging group of works that celebrate the vibrancy of experimental and almost-experimental cinema from near and far, now and then.

Cinema as process, movement as mechanics, image as collage: Untitled Joseph Cornell Film (The Wool Collage) (c. 1940-55) is a previously unknown film by the master collage filmmaker and box builder. Keewatin Dewdney’s The Maltese Cross Movement (1967) takes as its central motif the titular mechanical operation of a film projector. Daniel Barnett’s travelogue-of-sorts The Chinese Typewriter (1978-83) demonstrates his interest in language, poetry, and the construction of meaning. Julie Murray’s untitled (earth) (2015) shuttles through a 35mm film print, blurring the image, freezing frames, and finding possible new meanings. Mónica Savirón’s Answer Print (2016) wryly uses only badly faded found images in a work that is more about questions than answers.

Curated by Julia Gibbs and Patrick Friel.

- untitled (earth) (Julie Murray, USA, 2015, 10 min., digital video)
- Untitled Joseph Cornell Film (The Wool Collage) (Joseph Cornell, USA, c. 1940-1955, 23 min., 16mm print courtesy of Musem of Modern Art)
- The Chinese Typewriter (Daniel Barnett, USA, 1978-83, 28 min., 16mm from Canyon Cinema)
- The Maltese Cross Movement (Keewatin Dewdney, Canada, 1967, 8 min., 16mm print courtesy of Academy Film Archive)
- Answer Print (Monica Saviron, USA, 2016, 5 min., 16mm)



Viernes, Marzo 10, 2017 - 19:00
  • 915 E. 60th St.
    60637   Chicago, Illinois
    Estados Unidos
    41° 47' 7.62" N, 87° 36' 14.1372" W