Tomonari Nishikawa: Two performances

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Artist in person — Q&A follows the performance
In Person Only

Microscope is very pleased to present an evening of film performances by Japanese filmmaker Tomonari Nishikawa. The artist will join us for a Q&A following the performances.

The program features Nishikawa’s two most recent works for multiple 35mm slide projections and 16mm film that is altered in real time. These two performances by the artist build on the sense of visual and acoustic accumulation through climatic compositions starting from basic elements — monochrome 35mm slides, as well as linear incisions onto an exposed film loop — which entrance the viewer while highlighting the intimate, structural connection of image and sound.

"Six Seventy-Two Variations, Variation 2" (2022) finds Nishikawa scratching off the emulsion of a 28-second 16mm film loop as it is being projected with a wood carving knife. The work shows the process of accruing single horizontal lines in the middle area of the frames, breaking with the verticality of film projection and playing with the nearly 1-second delay of the optical soundtrack on the filmstrip in what becomes a trompe l’oeil et l’oreille journey.

Performance for "Three Slide Projectors" (2023) is a durational piece involving three asynchronous, alternating projections onto the same screen of 35mm slides, each consisting of a single primary color (red, blue or green). The sound is the result of the amplification through contact mics of the slide projectors’ operating noises. As additional slides are inserted into the carousels and the pace of the advancements increases, ever so slight permutations of colors emerge amidst seemingly aligning sonic pulsations.


General Admission $10
Member & Student (w/ valid ID) Admission $8

Tomonari Nishikawa’s films explore the idea of documenting a scene in the public space through a chosen medium/format and techniques, while his performance projects focus on the process of creating a visual/sound phenomenon using analog devices, including 16mm film projector and slide projector. Nishikawa started using a 16mm film projector for his performance projects in 2013, scratching the film emulsion to produce the visual and sound. His on-going 16mm film projection performance project, “Six Seventy-Two Variations,” have been performed at Cosmic Rays Film Festival, Exploratorium in San Francisco, FRACTO in Berlin, New York Film Festival, Shapeshifters Cinema in Oakland, among others. He also uses slide projectors in his performance or collaborative work with sound artists, and one of such works, “Chiratsuki,” was performed with Sontag Shogun at Mono no Aware VIII in New York. He is based in Vestal, NY, and Tokyo, Japan. Nishikawa teaches in the Cinema Department at
Binghamton University.


Microscope Gallery - Nueva York, Estados Unidos


Lunes, Noviembre 13, 2023 - 19:30



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