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TOC Live Streaming Night > Crossed Timelines

Curated by Nawal Benali

United by the experimental content they bring to the table, these change makers steer themselves according to the free interpretation they inspire in the eyes they prepare. If their aesthetic differs, they’ve still got the invitation for the journey in common. It’s not just about invoking the first and physical meaning of this movement, but rather letting yourself be guided by the call to the intrinsic feelings when each of us lets go.

These extracts from stories real or imagined, from various times and influences, beg the idea of overriding our buried memories and beliefs. The legends, the romances, and even the mundane take on a dimension of exploration. Nothing is fixed in time and space when dreams scatter our thoughts. “Crossed Timelines” could be the filmic interpretation of the quote by Alexandre Poussin, “Traveling, it’s giving your life meaning, travelling, it’s giving life to your senses.”

The screening includes works by Robert Todd, Zachary Zezima, Jodie Mack, Louise Hémon&Halima Ouardiri, François Vogel&Stéphane Lavoix, Kangmin Kim, Shambavi Kaul, Barbara Meter, Collectif Babouckha.

The full screening will be available on our website until 30.5.20
courtesy of the artists

Thanks to Nawal Benali, Diletta Casalino, Lidia Fusaro, Leo Wang, Didier Leroux, Patrick Dutilleux, Anaïs Moreaux, Shambavi Kaul, Kangmin Kim, Robert Todd FIlms, Zachary Zezima, Halima Ouardiri, François Vogel, François Vogel, Stéphane Lavoix, Barbara Meter, Collectif Babouchka


Zachary Zezima -
CRUISING - 2014/USA/3’21

Jodie Mack -
SOMETHING BETWEEN US - 2015/USA/16mm/color/sound/9’55

Collectif Babouchka -
PACHYDERMES (Morgane Le Péchon) - 2013/France/1’22
HOW FEAR CAME, (Anaïs Caura, Bulle Tronel) - 2012/France/10’07

Shambhavi Kaul -
NIGHT NOON - 2014/Usa, Mexico/12’

Robert Todd -
SEAWALL - 2013/16mm/4’

Barbara Meter -
QUAY (KADE) - 2003/16mm/sound/4’

François Vogel - Stéphane Lavoix -
LES CRABES - 2011/France/5’44

Kangmin Kim -
JEOM - 2019/USA/4’06

Louise Hémon & Halima Ouardiri -
ACID ARAB - BERBERIAN WEDDING - 2014/France, Canada/3’38


De Domingo, Mayo 24, 2020 - 22:05 hasta Domingo, Mayo 31, 2020 - 21:55



De Domingo, Mayo 24, 2020 - 22:05 hasta Domingo, Mayo 31, 2020 - 21:55